9 Fabulous Attractions of Amsterdam ...


With all of the attractions of Amsterdam on offer, how can you choose what to see and do? The canal-ringed city of Amsterdam is a world-famous tourist destination, sought out by libertines and artists and scholars for ages. Deciding on which attractions of Amsterdam to visit is a worthy challenge, but be sure to hit all the spots on this list to avoid missing out on a great adventure in one of the world’s coolest cities.

1. Van Gogh Museum

This interesting building houses the world’s largest collection of works by the renowned artist and is always one of the most popular attractions of Amsterdam. There are more than 800 paintings and drawings on display for art lovers to admire. Plan on spending 3 to 4 hours perusing the master’s works. Helpful hint: Buy your tickets online to save money and to avoid the long lines at the entrance.

Canal Tour
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