9 Wild Water Rides around the World ...


9 Wild Water Rides around the World ...
9 Wild Water Rides around the World ...

Water rides are fun for the whole family. From gentle boats that meander through replica animal kingdoms to the highest, fastest, wildest log flumes, water rides have a great scope of variety. Water rides have become major attractions in many theme parks and holiday resorts, and many simple leisure center pools even have their own wave ride or water pipe. For a real thrill, water rides should be BIG. Here are 9 Wild Water Rides Around the World:

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Mammoth, Splashin’ Safari, Indiana

Mammoth, Splashin’ Safari, Indiana The honor of being the longest water coaster in the world (at the time of writing) goes to Mammoth. This isn’t for the faint-hearted, and even traditional roller coaster lovers will find this experience pumps enough adrenaline. For one third of a mile, hydromagnetic technology propels boats at superfast speed along a water-filled coaster ride with all the usual climbs and plunges. One particularly memorable section is a 3-storey drop with a 45 degree angle.


Insano, Beach Park, Brazil

Insano, Beach Park, Brazil Fancy plummeting 134 feet at 65mph? That’s equivalent to doing freeway speed down the side of a 14 storey building. Still fancy the idea? Well, there is a pool to catch you at the end of this truly stomach-lurching water ride and there’s a bonus. Once you’ve reached the platform to start your thrill-ride you get a marvelous view of the gorgeous Brazilian tropical coastline.


Master Blaster, Alton Towers, England

Master Blaster, Alton Towers, England The British climate doesn’t really lend itself to wonderful outdoor water rides, but those canny folks at the country’s largest theme park decided to beat the weather and built an indoor waterworld extravaganza complete with full Caribbean tropical theme. The showcase water ride is the Master Blaster. Riders are propelled downhill and uphill at breakneck speeds (apparently the uphill sections are fastest) for 680 feet. There are also several sections of dark tunnel to add to the thrill.


Aqualoop, Terme 3000, Slovenia

Aqualoop, Terme 3000, Slovenia Aqualoop was the first water ride to be built that takes you through a 360 degree turn. Maybe that doesn’t sound too exciting, but when you know to make the loop, you have to be rocket fired to reach a speed of 262 feet per second, you’ll soon see the thrill. The ride is 300 feet long and it lasts about 7.5 seconds. Another water ride in a beautiful setting, Terme 3000 waterpark is located in the thermal springs area of Slovenia.


The Wedgie, WhiteWater World, Gold Coast, Australia

The Wedgie, WhiteWater World, Gold Coast, Australia Trust those wonderfully wacky Aussies! If your idea of a thrilling water ride means being dropped through a trapdoor to hurtle down a 17 meter near-vertical drop, then through a helix at a speed of 41 feet per second, then by all means head to The Wedgie. So named – because the braking system is your swimming costume wedging between your butt cheeks slowing you down!


Master Blaster, Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort, Texas

Master Blaster, Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort, Texas Even though it may not be the fastest, longest, highest or wildest, The Master Blasters at the three Texas Schlitterbahn resorts (there’s one in Kansas too), regularly feature in the top water rides lists. Naturally the water ride is built to Texan standards – i.e. larger than life. The ride is the usual water coaster affair of plunges and climbs with the added attraction of the Blastenhoff Tower and the pretzel shape downward spiral.


The Triple Twist, Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas

The Triple Twist, Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas Want to feel like you’ve just been through a wash cycle illuminated by sensory LED lighting? Take a night-time ride on the Triple Twist and you’ve got it made. This water ride plunges you through a huge funnel, a network of twists and angled turns, and plops you in the pool at the end of 330 feet.


Barracudas, Portaventura Waterpark, Spain

Barracudas, Portaventura Waterpark, Spain As you reach the 20 foot high platform of the Barracudas ride you have to choose your route –will it be green or blue? It doesn’t really matter as both of them send you on an aquatic adventure through spins and twists and turns and whirlpools. Apparently, if you take the ride with a partner, your descent is faster than if you attempt it alone.


Kamikaze Speed Reed, UShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa

Kamikaze Speed Reed, UShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa Although it has a very scary name, this wildest of South Africa water rides doesn’t quite match up to the supersized rides elsewhere in the world. It’s still a huge rush of excitement and the ride is likened to floating at immense speed on air. One of the few waterparks in Africa, there are plenty of other great rides to keep your adrenaline pumping.

That was a dip into the world’s great water rides. If you love to get wet, scream and don’t mind whizzing through tunnels at gut-wrenching speeds , there’s bound to be the ultimate thrill in this list for you.

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Schlitterbahn is amazing. The park is split in three, and there's a super-long lazy river that goes between two of them. Feels like miles!

Thanks for share good information.

Really nice post! :D Carribean Bay from South Korea is also awesome!

you forgot aquaventure of dubai !

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