7 Magnificent Natural Wonders of France ...


7 Magnificent Natural Wonders of France ...
7 Magnificent Natural Wonders of France ...

With such a rich cultural and historic heritage, it is very easy to forget that there is a smorgasbord of incredible natural wonders in France. The sheer abundance of France’s natural beauty could keep outdoor lovers busy exploring for a virtual lifetime. The wonders of France are a far cry from its elegant city streets and tiny country towns but yet, are so often overlooked for trips to Paris and the French Riviera. If you want to see the real beauty of the Gallic land, here are 7 Magnificent Natural Wonders of France.

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Côte De Granit Rose

Côte De Granit Rose Tucked away in the Northern corner of France, is glorious Brittany –a region of rugged coastline and sweeping beaches. The Breton coastline is one of the loveliest natural sights of France. The unique hue of the Cote de Granit Rose blushes a gentle mix of soft pinks and rich oranges, making the fringes of the coastline look quite extraordinary. Nature lovers will delight in the leisurely meander along the foreshore, working up an appetite perfectly satisfied by the staples of the local cuisine – buckwheat pancakes and mussels washed down with ice cold cider.


Gorges Du Verdon

Gorges Du Verdon One of the most beautiful geographical sights in France, the Gorges du Verdon is an adrenalin junkie haven. Hoards of rock climbers, paragliders and kayaking enthusiasts are drawn to the region like moths to a flame. But don’t despair if you are not that into adventure sports – the stunning grassy cliff-side banks are a breathtaking spot for a cozy picnic.


Dune Du Pilat

Dune Du Pilat Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the legendary wine country of Bordeaux, is the highest sand dune in all of Europe – the Dune de Pilat. It's more than just another adrenalin junkie hotspot. This is an outdoor paradise for those high flying sporting enthusiasts who like to glide, launching themselves off the highest peaks, drifting off into the horizon surrounded by the tranquility of another of the lovely sights in France created by Mother Nature.


Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe and easily one of the most gorgeous attractions in France. Anchoring the French alpine snowfields, the whole area around the mountain is a sports playground, winter and summer. In the snow, Mont Blanc is a towering white peak, the backdrop for every winter sport, and when wearing the summer coat of green, it makes for a perfect walking, hiking and climbing terrain. Speed freaks will be delighted to know that they can nip right through the middle of the mountain by driving through the Mont Blanc Tunnel to reach Italy.


Gavarnie Falls

Gavarnie Falls This is definitely one of the most beautiful natural wonders of France, although hardly the biggest in all of Europe. Regardless of size, the vivid scenery of the majestic Gavarnie Falls will literally take your breath away. Winding their way all the way from the Spanish Pyrenees and ending their journey in France, the Gavarnie Falls are at their most dramatic after the snow has melted, gushing with glacial waters.


Camargue Salt Flats

Camargue Salt Flats Awe-inspiring and unique, the barren fenlands of the salt marshes of the Camargue are a theatrical and romantic, if not somewhat surreal setting in the middle of France. The flat marshes are perfect for horse riders and avid wildlife enthusiasts who come to spot the flocking flamingos found in great numbers in the Parc Ornithologique.


Annecy Lake

Annecy Lake The second largest lake in France, is also the cleanest in Europe. Annecy Lake boasts amazingly sparkling waters that look clear enough to drink (it probably is, given the very strict environmental controls in place). Very beautiful, very tranquil, surrounded by mountains, and fed by a number of small glacial rivers, the lake is a favorite spot for walkers and bike riders – there’s a cycle path circumnavigating the lake’s shores. It’s also a lovely spot for summer swimming.

If you have experienced the glorious natural wonders of France, I am sure that you will agree that it is impossible to choose just a few of the best. If you are looking for some ideas of the most beautiful places in France to visit, which of inspired you?

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