7 Ancient Tribes of Africa ...

Welcome to an introduction to just a handful of the many African tribes. It seems that we have been unable to pin down the exact number of African tribes there are, because many of the lines between the people groups of Africa have become blurred but estimates put it at around 3,000. The traditions and culture of African tribes is absolutely fascinating and here are just a few for you to read about.

1. Hamer

In the South West of Ethiopia in the Hamer Bena Woreda region of the Omo River Valley, lives the African tribe of the Hamer; about 43,000 people cattle farming for an income. Their religion theoretically is Muslim, however they really believe in the supernatural, considering animals, plants and certain objects to contain strong spiritual forces. Many other native African tribes and groups have similar beliefs. Young men qualifying for adulthood have to undergo an ancient custom of jumping over a line of bulls. This is a festive time with beer, feasting and traditional dancing taking place for several days. The Hamer tribe makes up a small amount of the population of Ethiopia with limited political power and a low literacy rate. Their language is Hamer- Banna.