7 US Irish Pubs to Celebrate St Patrick's Day ...

You’re always guaranteed a typical warm welcome in US Irish pubs – or Irish pubs anywhere in the world for that matter, but come March 17th every year, the craic is notched up more than a crank or two as Irish everywhere celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t think any other country celebrates a patron saint’s Day like the Irish! If you’re in a city that goes all out to celebrate its Irishness that’s great, but if there are no planned grand parades or events, check out some US Irish pubs. They’re all over the country. Here’s some of the big city venues.

1. McSorley’s - New York

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One of the oldest established US Irish Pubs, McSorleys can boast of Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon and Woody Guthrie having passed through its doors. It is believed that this humble but historic establishment is the oldest continuously operating tavern in New York. Located in the East Village at 15th East 7 Street, McSorley’s has a traditional sawdust strewn floor, keeps a wood fire stove burning, and serves up pints of the black stuff (Guinness). You might be interested to know that women weren’t allowed in until 1970.

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