7 Creepy Cemeteries for Epic Ghost Hunting ...

Creepy cemeteries are all over the globe and if you’re into the paranormal, it can be really fun to check them out. With all the new ghost hunting shows dominating television these days, it’s exciting to get in on the trend. If you’re also a world traveler, it’s a great way to explore places you might never think to otherwise. Check out this short list of creepy cemeteries to get yourself started with and then let me know if you have any other favorites.

1. Haworth Cemetery, England

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This is the famed resting place of the Bronte sisters and one of the creepiest of creepy cemeteries, so it’s a must-see for cemetery connoisseurs. There are headstones dating back many centuries here and many of them are young children under the age of six. In the 17th century, people in Haworth knew very little about disease and cleanliness, so the little ones often succumbed to death early. If that’s not creepy enough, this cemetery also boasts plenty of ancient buildings said to be haunted by ghosts of people who lived there in the past.

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