9 Simply Brilliant Things to do in Nicaragua ...

If you want a vacation in a less-traveled place or you’ve already chosen to visit this fascinating Central American country, you’ll be looking for things to do in Nicaragua. Tourism here isn’t massively promoted and it remains down the list for many travelers, but it is a beautiful and amazing country and there are truly some brilliant things to do in Nicaragua. Here’s a selection to tempt you.

1. Take a Hike on a Volcano at Night

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There are numerous volcanoes across Nicaragua and climbing them is a fun activity. Masaya volcano is a good one to climb and once at the top you will be able to see for miles around. Night tours are organized – there are guides so no worries about getting lost – and as well as the trip up there is a chance to enter the lava tubes and stand among hundreds of bats. It is one of the most outstanding things to do in Nicaragua. If you would rather see volcanoes from a distance, there are also balloon trips that take you over them.

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