9 Fun Attractions in France That Will Blow Your Mind ...

Known for its fashion scene and labeled the “City of Love,” it is a widely-agreed notion that Paris contains some of the most beautiful and fun attractions in France. However, francophiles know that exploration of this lovely country should not end there. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery and warmly enveloped in the lovely and intriguing language, you will want to keep your eyes open as your senses are taken over by wanderlust. After reading this list of fun attractions in France, you will see that a spotlight should be cast on these magnificent destinations.

1. Château De Chambord

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Infused with gothic elements, this ample château starts off this list as one of the most fun attractions in France. Built during the French Renaissance, the amount of thought gone into creating the intricate designs on this unfinished château is one of the reasons why tourists love visiting Chambord. The mixture of French architecture with Renaissance stylings never fails to leave me stunned.

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