8 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in New Zealand ...


Places to visit in New Zealand are so stunning; it will be very hard to work out which ones to choose from. The resplendent surroundings and majestic scenery makes every corner of New Zealand the perfect stopover. Get out of the cities and into the unspoiled countryside. The weather is incredible, the views breathtaking and the experiences will make memories for a lifetime. Some of the most perfect places to visit in New Zealand, are the off the beaten track, and some of the most unlikely candidates for a vacation visit. Here are 8 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in New Zealand.

1. The Coromandel Peninsula

Just a little to the South East of Auckland, will bring you to the break taking region of the Coromandel Peninsula. This massive region that is covered with thick forested areas and ancient volcanoes is a sight to behold. World renowned for its stunning beaches and majestic rainforests, the Coromandel Peninsula is the picture perfect getaway for those visitors who would like to get out of some of the busiest places to visit in New Zealand and experience the quiet harmony of nature. Head on down to Hot Water Beach, where the thermal heated water rises up through the sand, creating a warm water spa bath with a view like no other.

Tongariro National Park
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