8 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in New Zealand ...


8 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in New Zealand ...
8 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in New Zealand ...

Places to visit in New Zealand are so stunning; it will be very hard to work out which ones to choose from. The resplendent surroundings and majestic scenery makes every corner of New Zealand the perfect stopover. Get out of the cities and into the unspoiled countryside. The weather is incredible, the views breathtaking and the experiences will make memories for a lifetime. Some of the most perfect places to visit in New Zealand, are the off the beaten track, and some of the most unlikely candidates for a vacation visit. Here are 8 Truly Amazing Places to Visit in New Zealand.

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The Coromandel Peninsula

Just a little to the South East of Auckland, will bring you to the break taking region of the Coromandel Peninsula. This massive region that is covered with thick forested areas and ancient volcanoes is a sight to behold. World renowned for its stunning beaches and majestic rainforests, the Coromandel Peninsula is the picture perfect getaway for those visitors who would like to get out of some of the busiest places to visit in New Zealand and experience the quiet harmony of nature. Head on down to Hot Water Beach, where the thermal heated water rises up through the sand, creating a warm water spa bath with a view like no other.


Tongariro National Park

Coined by National Geographic as home to one of the top 10 single day walks in the world, Tongariro Park is an experience like no other. Host to 3 completely active volcanoes, the surreal landscape that is their backdrop is a massive juxtaposition to the lush green rainforests of what the rest of New Zealand is seen as. Rocky, desert like and arid, the area receives plenty of snow in the winter; this corner is one of the top tourist attractions in New Zealand, which brings loads of winter sports enthusiasts to the North Island for their skiing and snowboarding fix.


Bay of Islands

The premier maritime park in all of New Zealand is home and host to the some of the world’s most picture perfect calendar moments in the world. The park is just teeming with exquisite wildlife such as marline, dolphin, whales and penguins. The sub-tropical climate makes it a favorite among all sorts of visitors that come from all over the world to fish, play golf, swim and surf some of the best waves on the planet on some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Situated in the Northland Region there are over 150 gorgeous islands to explore and enjoy.



Seeped in Maori Culture, Rotorua is located in the Bay of Plenty region, easily accessible from the largest New Zealand city, Auckland. One of the greatest geothermal areas on the planet, gorgeous reserves have been situated in the most pristine environments. Waimangu, Waiotapu and Whakarewarewa all have natural hot springs, boiling mud, craters, volcanic terraces, geysers and boiling pools, as well as lakes for swimming and water sports. Climb Mount Tarawera, and get a first hand glimpse of the rim of the volcano itself and experience some of the most breathtaking places to see in New Zealand.



Adrenalin junkie heaven, Queenstown is known for its action packed adventure and rugged, beautiful scenery. One of the most premier destinations in New Zealand, be prepared to be amazed. Bungee jumping, jet boating, parapenting, white water rafting, skiing and wake boarding, are just some of the incredible things on offer in this stunning lakeside town. If you are not much of an adrenalin junkie yourself, don’t worry there is plenty of more laid back choices, and with such breaktaking scenery, you cannot go wrong.


Tasman National Park

Bigger is not always better, and although Abel Tasman is the smallest out of all the national parks in New Zealand, don’t miss out by judging a book by its cover. No matter how many photographs you may have seen of the area, nothing will prepare you for an up close and personal view of the park itself. Some of the best hikes and walks are in the park, and offer the freedom to see the land at its ultimate best. Pick up a sea taxi and they can drop you off at any of the beaches, or pick up a kayak and get a completely different view as you glide through the crystal clear waters.


Fiordland National Park

Described by Rudyard Kipling as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World ‘’, this World Heritage Site, is not only the largest National Park in New Zealand, it is the largest national park in the world. This unbelievable landscape runs deep with fiords, rugged mountains and gushing waterfalls, and tucked in-between are the most lush, rich rain forests. As one of the wettest places on earth, when it rains, the thousands of waterfalls literally heave and thunder with water as they explode in to the sea, a staggering natural show for the senses. A completely surreal landscape, you will be forgiven to thinking it is a scene right out of Lord of the Rings, and no wonder that it is one of the most visited places in New Zealand.



Tucked away in the Canterbury region of the East Coast of the breathtaking South Island, lies the charismatic seaside town of Kaikoura. Heaving with an abundance of marine life, it is one of the only places anywhere in the world where you can see whales all year round. Here visitors are able to experience swimming with dolphins and seals in their natural habitat, as well as take part in shark diving and other diving tours. Definitely one of the top sights of New Zealand, with the region’s excellent weather and the inimitable New Zealand charm.

There are so many breathtaking places to see in New Zealand, you may need to come back again and again to different regions. As one of the most common places to visit in New Zealand will be the city centers, as you’ll always need to pass through them to get to the resplendent country side but visitors may want to head out to some of the gorgeous national parks and other natural places of interest. There are so many must see stopovers in New Zealand, you will need to make a list up, like this one of 8 Truly Amazing Places to visit in New Zealand, of your own. What places will be on your list to travel to in New Zealand?

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