7 of My Top Things to do in Rome ...


7 of My Top Things to do in Rome ...
7 of My Top Things to do in Rome ...

Rome is a lovely, magical place for dreamers and romantics. Planning a trip to Rome? Guest contributor Marta shares some of her favorite things to do in Rome! Thanks Marta!

Rome is one of those places that always surprises travellers. From its amazing arts galleries to the warm aroma of the pizzerias, the Italian capital is an outdoor museum that encourages us to keep our eyes open at all times. Because there are so many things to do and see in the Eternal City, these are my top 5 must-do things to do in one day. Welcome to La Dolce Vita!

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Eat a Slice of Pizza (or Two) at Piazza Di Spagna Stairs

Eat a Slice of Pizza (or Two) at Piazza Di Spagna Stairs Why pizza? Because it´s of the things you can´t miss if you travel to Rome. Its taste will easily transport you to another level. Forget what you know about how pizzas are made in your country and let yourself go with the taste from wood-fired ovens. Even more, if you have the pleasure to take your snack to the stairs at Piazza di Spagna, you´d probably understand why the Italian capital is called the Eternal City. Avoid sitting next to foreign tourists, instead go near to the little local groups and prepare yourself to experience the Italian conversation.


Throw a Coin at Fontana Di Trevi

Throw a Coin at Fontana Di Trevi Who doesn´t want to experience a magical moment in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? In the middle of Piazza di Trevi, in the Quirinale dictrict, one of the most iconic fountains is waiting for you and your dreams to come true. According to legend, tossing a coin into this fountain will guarantee a return trip to Rome. For me, this combination of architecture, nature and sculpture is the best Dolce Vita icon ever!


Have a Coffee at Caffé Greco

Have a Coffee at Caffé Greco Caffé Greco (86 Via Condotti) is one of the oldest cafés in Europe and you can sit at the same table that artists and intellectuals like Andersen used to inspire themselves. Once you are inside of its old walls, you´ll feel a dreamy atmosphere thanks to the inspiring antique paintings displayed in the big salon. Don’t hesitate to ask for an espresso. Drink it in one go as locals do and enjoy the place and the conversation. You are in Italy!


Visit the Colosseum (and Go Back to the Gladiators Days)

Visit the Colosseum (and Go Back to the Gladiators Days) «Rome will exist as long as the Colosseum does…» says a medieval prophecy, which is easy to understand for those that will never get tired of this wonderful city. The Flavius amphitheatre is one of the most imposing ancient structures in the world. Visiting this special corner in Rome means travelling to those days when gladiators played the game of death… Top tip: Try to escape from the men dressed in plastic gladiator costumes trying to make you pay for a picture with them. Instead, go inside and let your imagination go!-I know that you never saw them, just try to remember the film…-


Have a Romantic Dinner in Front of the Pantheon

Have a Romantic Dinner in Front of the Pantheon Italy, food and wine can be the best combination ever! At Piazza della Rotunda you will find an endless list of restaurants where all the Roman delicatessen will be available as well as the best Cenanese wine to enjoy, whilst watching the Pantheon illuminated by night. If you love wine, happiness and romanticism, this is a must do. Once you have tasted and finished your lovely tiramissu, have a little walk to Piazza Navona and feel the peace around the antique Roman buildings. What more could you ask for?


Get Lost at Mercato Monti

Get Lost at Mercato Monti The Monti neighbourhood is full of cool cafes & bars, fashion shops and home-made food restaurants. But this part of Rome is especially loved by young people for its great indoor vintage market called Mercato Monti. While you are here, you can check a large number of retro shops such as Pulp (Via del Boschetto) or God Save the Look-Classy & Trendy style- (Via Panisperna) where they sell all kind of bags, jewellery, sunglasses and accessories. The latest one? Blue Goose, a new vintage paradise opened in the fall of 2012 at Via del Boschetto. Its cute accessories, as well as the good service will encourage you to stay there for hours! But vintage clothing is not the only thing you can find in this market. You’re in the right place to discover emerging fashion designers!


Visit Macro-Museo D'Arte Contemporanea

Visit Macro-Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Macro (4, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani) is one of the four modern museums in Rome and the one that shows the most extravagant talent from young artists. The fact that it used to be a meat butchering will make you love it even more! This gallery, designed by French architect Odile Decq, includes works by all of Italy’s important post-WWII artists. A visit to this museum is a must!

It doesn’t matter which area of Rome you want to stay in. In this city it is easy to move around the main attractions, so chose any of the huge list of hotels in Rome and prepare yourself to discover the hidden corners by walking. Only one thing to remember: Be careful with Amaretto shots as they will make you forget where your accommodation is. Anyway, all roads lead to Rome… Buon viaggio!

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My favourite place to visit in Rome is the strangers'/Protestant cemetery, where Shelley and Keats (amongst others) are buried...it's so beautiful.

Wish i could visit Rome... someday :)

I LOVE Rome !

I LOVE ROME! Thanks for posting this! :)

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