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30 Reasons the Maldives is Paradise on Earth ...

By Neecey

30 Reasons The Maldives is Paradise on Earth
If you're looking for the perfect honeymoon destination, a romantic spot to share your love or somewhere the diving is superb one place really fits the bill. The Maldives. This atoll/island nation in the Indian Ocean is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Get ready to be wowed.

1 Fabulous Places to Stay

Fabulous Places to StayVia 10 Fascinating Places To Visit ...
Over the water bungalows are the favorite style of accommodation in The Maldives.

2 Conrad Maldives Rangali Resort

Conrad Maldives Rangali ResortVia 5 Star Conrad Maldives Rangali ...
And if they're not over the water, they're under!


7 Extreme Travel Adventures ...

8 Tips for a Road Trip on a Shoestring Budget ...

3 Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo Island

Sea of Stars on Vaadhoo IslandVia 27 Surreal Places To Visit ...
The stunning effect of bioluminescent plankton.

4 Private Villa

Private VillaVia Weddings Directory, Online Guide, Ideas ...
Would a private villa with a plunge pool rock your boat?

5 Intimate

IntimateVia What does your Wotifia look ...
Even in the bigger resort hotels there's privacy and space between the bungalows.

6 Deck Hammock

Deck HammockVia Beautiful Beach Resort: Lotus ceiling ...
Need an excuse to relax?

7 Lankanfushi Island

Lankanfushi IslandVia Jet Setter: The Coolest Honeymoon ...
Even the resort buildings are stunners.

8 Baros

It looks too good to be true doesn't it?

9 NIka Island

NIka IslandVia World's Best Islands 2012 | ...
Would you prefer a bungalow over the water or one hidden among the trees?

10 Coral Island

Coral IslandVia 20 sights that will remind ...
There are so many tiny uninhabited islands where you can take a boat to and be a cast away for a day.

11 Maldives

MaldivesVia Constance Moofushi - Maldives Combining ...
Your very own hammock on your very own sandbar.

12 Underwater World

Underwater WorldVia Vilamendhoo and Reef
The ocean is as gorgeous as the islands.

13 Amazing Contrasts

Amazing ContrastsVia Top 10 Beaches for Summer ...
The islands are an amazing palette of blue and green and white.

14 Lily Beach Resort

Lily Beach ResortVia
An overview of a typical resort.

15 The Ocean Flower Resort

The Ocean Flower ResortVia The future of tourism in ...
Don't you just love the construction designs?

16 A Seat with a View

A Seat with a ViewVia Late summer afternoon
Which book would you read here?


HALAVELI ISLANDVia Follow ...etc
A place where tropical dreams come true.

18 Maldives Sunset

Maldives SunsetVia Maldives Sunset- The Sunny Side ...
You just knew that such a magical place was going to have spectacular sunsets - didn't you?

19 Underwater Restaurant

Underwater RestaurantVia Plan Ahead: Top Three Couples ...
An amazing experience.

20 Natural Wonder

Natural WonderVia New 7 Wonders of Nature: ...
The Maldives was one of the finalists in the listing for the 7 Natural wonders of the World.

21 Crystal Water

Crystal WaterVia Crystal Water of the Ocean ...
You really couldn't wish for a better ocean to swim in.

22 The Maldives Atolls

The Maldives AtollsVia I am a rock, I ...
Stepping stones of the gods.

23 Beach with a Lagoon on an Uninhabited Island

Beach with a Lagoon on an Uninhabited IslandVia Castaway Island Maldives 46 by ...
Imagine yours being the only footprints in the sand.

24 Nature

NatureVia Oh The Places I'll Go
There are gorgeous natural sights on the bigger islands.

25 Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private IslandVia
A picnic on the beach on your own private island? Hell yeah!

26 Surreal

SurrealVia 27 Surreal Places To Visit ...
another example of the bioluminescent phenomenon

27 Hammock

HammockVia Woman in Hammock, Maldives, Indian ...
The sun beats down but the ocean will keep you cool.

28 Snorkeling

SnorkelingVia Blue Pueblo
You don't have to scuba to enjoy the fabulous world beneath the sea. Snorkeling in The Maldives is superb.

29 Soneva Fushi Island

Soneva Fushi IslandVia HIP Hotels | Boutique & ...
Can you hear it calling your name?

30 Paradise

ParadiseVia Vakarufalhi, Maldives, Indian Ocean
Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make The Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime.

Are you ready to add The Maldives to your bucket list?

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