20 Reasons to Travel Now ...


20 Reasons to Travel Now ...
20 Reasons to Travel Now ...

Everybody has different reasons to travel. Some people are lucky enough that they don’t need reasons to travel, but go because the feeling just grabs them. Others might have to go because of their job. If you are not entirely convinced you have motivation to go traveling , here are 20 Reasons to Travel Now.

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Personal Growth

There is nothing quite like a trip to a foreign country to help you grow as a person. In fact there is possibly nothing quite as powerful that will have such a huge impact on your life as travel. In fact, of all the reasons to take a trip it may just be the perfect reason and the only motivation you need.


Sense of Freedom

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with a vacation to an all inclusive resort next to a pretty beach, there is something incredible about grabbing a backpack and heading out into the unknown. Get away from the stuffy hotels and splashy resorts and break free by doing something different than having to be in the dining room by a certain time and worry about being castigated because you left your towel next to the hotel swimming pool.


The True Spirit of Adventure

Nothing says adventure quite like the chance to see the ancient sites of Mynamar, trek through the lush Borneo Forest or ride a camel alongside the pyramids in Egypt. By getting off the beaten track and embracing the adventure of travel, you will find that true excitement waits around every corner.


Meet New People

Yes, at home, we mix with our work colleagues, our family and neighbors, but we live fairly insular lives within a limited social environment, so one of the best reasons to travel is to expand your social circle. The chance of meeting kindred spirits and other intrepid travelers along their own journey through the world and life is just huge and who knows - you could meet a friend and start a friendship that could last a true lifetime.


Experience Different Cultures

It is very easy to take it for granted that everyone around the world has the same culture as we do, and when we travel it may shock, surprise and wow us with the deeply seated ways that are practiced by others. Fascinating practices and beliefs may both inspire and offend you, but either way it will make an impact on you.


Broaden Your Horizons

One of the best motivations to travel is the chance to broaden your horizons. Explore the world around you, see all of the wonderful historic sites, get out into some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful spaces and open your heart and your mind.


Get Some Perspective

It happens to all of us; we get wrapped up in our busy lives, paying the bills, being part of the rat race, and before we know it we find ourselves experiencing a small pond big fish syndrome. But it is not the healthiest place to be in, get the ultimate perspective and get out into the world around you. Get motivated to travel and take a trip of a lifetime.


Educate Yourself

Education is something that never ends and learning about volcanoes, ancient temples and historic sites out of books and off the Internet, is something completely different to seeing it all up close and personal. Kids will remember Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe if they have actually stood there and felt the spray from the falls on their skin, much more than if they had to just do a school project on it.


Live Your Dream

Always wanted to swim with Dolphins off the coast of Mozambique or kayak down the Amazon? Then why not actively work to make a dream come true. Save up, research and put together the ultimate dream trip of a lifetime. Anything is possible if you really want it badly enough.


A Culinary Journey

Consider yourself a consummate foodie? Then why not take your heart and your stomach on a global feast, experience mouth-watering pastries fresh from a sidewalk bakery in Paris with your morning coffee, eat your body weight in pasta in Italy and feast on fresh seafood while your toes sink into the beach sand in South Africa. Global food experiences are growing to be one of the main reasons to travel in the 21st century.


Build Memories

When you think about the most memorable moments in your life, they are not ones that included how much it meant to you and your boss when you spent those extra hours slogging away at the office. They are those times when the ice cream ran down your chin at the holiday at the beach house or when you camped in the forest with your friends, drinking cheap wine and staying up late. Those are the memories that count. A great motivation for travel is to build memories.


The Excitement

The build-up to the trip, the excitement and the preparation are as much part of the journey as the trip itself. Getting visas, changing money, doing research about the places you want to go, teach you many important life skills that are paramount to reinforcing independence and building self-confidence.


Life Experience

Life experience is not something that can be taught, bought or learned. It is something that has to be experienced first-hand by everybody and what better reason to experience other countries and to travel for life experiences and the confidence we need in our adults lives.


A Real Challenge

Push your boundaries and experience the thrill of mastering your own personal challenges. Taking public transport in a foreign country when you cannot speak the language is a huge challenge, even for the most experienced traveler. You need to have your wits about you and be prepared to expect the unexpected while still keeping your head.


Get out of a Rut

Many people go through stages where they feel as if their life is not going anywhere that they just get up and go to work and come home and feel as if they have completely lost their enthusiasm for life in general. Which is why this is the best time to travel to different places, to remind yourself why we are here in the first place.


For the Sheer Fun of It

Imagine dancing on a beach in Goa until the sun comes up, riding a donkey through the Andes, and swinging through the treetops on the South Island in New Zealand and if for no better reason to travel than for the sheer fun of it, then you already have reason enough.


See World Famous Sites

See the Forbidden City in China, the Louvre in Paris and Table Mountain in South Africa, travel to historic Rome, see a ballet at the Sydney Opera House and become immersed in history and culture all over the world. Be that girl with the photograph of the San Fran Bridge in the background, you know you want to.


Get out of Your Comfort Zone

There is nothing more rewarding than getting right out of your comfort zone, and doing something completely out of character to make you feel alive and kicking. Even if it is as small as arriving on a small Greek island with no plan whatsoever, other than making your way towards where the wind blows you. Sometimes just the simple urge to travel with no limits and no itinerary is the best.


Embrace the Escape

Life getting you down? The stress of a faced paced modern lifestyle wearing you away? Just get out of your office, your home and your head, and travel to a faraway place, recharge your batteries, rejuvenate your body, soul and mind and escape for a world completely different to your own.


A Fresh Start

About to embrace a new career looking forward to a complete life change, not sure what direction you want to go in, or just looking for an exciting interlude before a fresh start in life? All perfect reasons to travel. Come back with a fresh perspective or don’t come back at all when you finally find what you are looking for.

If you lacked the motivation to take a trip, I hope these few reasons to travel will have you reaching for your passport and credit card.

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My mother tells me my first word was “airplane.” When I was belary a toddler, my dad had a job in the computer field that required some travel, so we often took him to the local airport to catch a commuter plane to San Francisco. I would cry all the way home. Since I couldn’t talk plainly yet, my mother assumed I was crying because my dad had left. Eventually she noticed I also cried as we left the airport after picking him up, and she realized that it was leaving the airplanes behind that I was crying about. So a few days before my second birthday, while I could still ride for no cost, she drove me to the San Francisco airport so I could meet my dad and ride the commuter plane back across the San Francisco Bay with him. Although I have no memory of this trip, I appreciate that my parents paid attention to my inborn passions.Several years later, we lived in Provo Utah, and my father made occasional work related flights to St. George, a small town on the southern border of the state. I loved going to the airport where we could stand close to the small twin-engine airplane as my dad boarded. I remember the effect that small plane had on me. I was fascinated by the shiny machine that could lift a person right off the ground.I remember watching several times as my dad climbed up the steps and disappeared through the doorway of the airplane. I wondered what it felt like to sit inside as the plane sped down the runway and lifted into the air. One morning I watched as my dad climbed the stairs. As he was about to disappear inside that magical machine, he turned and asked, “Aren’t you coming with me?” The surprise trip was my sixth birthday present, and my mom had packed my pajamas in his briefcase. Excitedly, I climbed into the plane and sat next to my dad. Then I knew for myself what flying felt like. That trip was a financial sacrifice for my parents. With a large family and a single income, they could scarcely afford it. It also represented their dedication to an education beyond books.About twelve years later, I earned my own pilot’s license. As I was about to leave the house one Saturday morning to go flying, I stopped in the doorway, turned to my dad, and asked, “Aren’t you coming with me?”Even if your child’s first word wasn’t “airplane,” I hope you’ll enjoy spending time together building the projects you’ll find on this website.-Ritchie Kinmont

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