8 Great Reasons to Go on a round the World Trip ...


8 Great Reasons to Go on a round the World Trip ...
8 Great Reasons to Go on a round the World Trip ...

A round the world trip is the experience of a lifetime. Many of us can only dream about doing it, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming – after all didn’t someone say, if you don’t have a dream how you gonna have a dream come true? I actually want to see the world a country at a time – an ambition I’ll never achieve so occasionally, I do think about a round the world trip. There are some pretty solid and convincing grounds for heading off to take in as much of the planet as possible, so here are 8 Great Reasons to Go on a Round the World Trip:

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If you’ve been laid off and have a nice tidy redundancy package, blowing some of it on a round the world trip is one sure way of assuaging the pain of losing your job. A package big enough to travel the world will have come from a job with an emotional connection – either it was very highly paid or you were there for a long time. Use the money to have a fabulous time and while you’re away reflect on your next career move.


To Make a Difference

It may be the 21st century, but there are still places where people are poorly educated, families that barely scrape a living, natural disasters that cause devastation, wildlife that is being endangered and all the other foibles this planet stores up to throw at us. A round the world trip need not be about visiting all the gorgeous places with all the beautiful people. It can be an amazingly rewarding experience with truly tangible memories that remain for a lifetime. It’s nice to see the Eiffel Tower, but what about the smile on that woman’s face the first time she had fresh water directly in her home from a well you helped to dig.


Gap Year

This is the absolute classic reason to take a round the world trip. Seeing the world is a mere continuation of your education – just in a more edifying manner. Travel is where the world you have learnt about comes to life, in more ways than you can imagine. It might be considered putting off making decisions about your future, or even being thought of as a ‘grown up’, but a student who enters college or a job, having returned from a trip around the world is full of unique experience lacking in those who arrived straight from school.


To Get over Him/her

Take a round the world trip to repair a broken heart. See blues of a different kind in the colors of the sea and the sky, and immerse yourself in the glories of Mother Nature and life as you don’t know it. Take inspiration and recompense from the world around you instead of checking into heartbreak hotel. Show the world you’ve held it together and just think how jealous everyone will be when you post all those fabulous pictures on Facebook of you doing amazing things. And you never know, you might meet the new squeeze of your dreams at a Thai Full Moon Party, or halfway up the Andes on a llama.



You may be thinking blimey, I’m nowhere near retiring, but wouldn’t a retirement round the world trip be something worth making those extra monthly pension contributions for? Being retired doesn’t mean you have one foot in the grave and whilst your once lithe and healthy body may not be a quick as it once was, and you carry a few aches and pains, it’s no reason to think you couldn’t gain a great deal from a jaunt around the world. If you want to blow the kid’s inheritance on a selfishly rewarding fling – just go for it!


Midlife Crisis

You don’t have to be Julia Roberts or Madonna to want to get in touch with the spiritual you. Going around the world is a far better way of dealing with finding yourself or getting through a midlife crisis than finding yourself a toy boy or going out clubbing like a teenager every night, or even a boob job/facelift (or if you happen to be a male reading this – buying a sports car and having a comb over). Get out into the world and challenge yourself. Question your belief systems, reassess what is important to you, immerse yourself in new cultures and you will find yourself.


Get a New Appreciation

Many people embark on a trip around the world thinking they’re off to see that the grass is greener on the other side. It is not uncommon though, that on their return, they discover they have a renewed appreciation of what they left behind or what they were trying to escape from. That doesn’t mean they haven’t appreciated what they’ve seen and experienced – far from it. It’s these rewards that have engendered a new sense of understanding of their own life.


Because You Want to

Isn’t this just the best reason of all? Does anyone actually need a reason to take a trip around the world? Anyone with an appetite for travel wants to see as much of our world as possible. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, escape or experience, a round the world trip will ease those hungers.

Well, there you have it; 8 reasons to go on a round the world trip - some goofy, some practical, some spiritual, but all perfectly valid.

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