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Places You Have to Visit before They Disappear ...

By Neecey

There are various reasons why places, buildings and monuments disappear. Some are lost to war, natural disasters and the elements or even politics. Others are in danger simply because the way they were constructed just won’t hold them together forever. It is sad sites of cultural heritage are at risk. Here are some sites that are in danger of disappearing so you might want to think about visiting sooner rather than later.

1 Dalieh of Raouche, Lebanon

Dalieh of Raouche, LebanonUsed as a public space for more than 7,000 years, the Dalieh of Raouche may become a victim of a development frenzy that has destroyed or privatized many of Beirut’s open spaces.

2 Arch of Janus, Rome, Italy

Arch of Janus, Rome, ItalyThe arch is the last remaining in the Forum Boarium that hasn't been restored. it is suffering from decay and air pollution.


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3 Wentworth Woodhouse, England

Wentworth Woodhouse, EnglandThis is the largest house in the United Kingdom. It has been through a long period of decline and is up for sale with a price tag of £8 million. Repair and renovation costs are estimated at £40 million ($60 million).

4 Gon-Nila-Phuk Cave Temples and Fort, Ladakh, India

Gon-Nila-Phuk Cave Temples and Fort, Ladakh, IndiaThe Buddhist paintings and mandalas on the walls of the Gon-Nila-Phuk cave temples are of artistic and spiritual significance but the rocks surrounding them are disintegrating.

5 Pavlopetri, Elafonisos, Greece

Pavlopetri, Elafonisos, GreecePavlopetri is the world’s oldest known submerged city and is under threat from disturbances caused by large ships and pollution.

6 Chug-Chug Geoglyphs, Calama and Maria Elena Municipalities, Chile

Chug-Chug Geoglyphs, Calama and Maria Elena Municipalities, ChileThe 1,000 year old petroglyphs in the Atacama Desert are not protected by any heritage status other than being declared a national monument.

7 Church of São Cristóvão, Lisbon, Portugal

Church of São Cristóvão, Lisbon, PortugalThe 16th century church managed to survive the huge earthquake of 1755 but needs major restoration to maintain its splendor.

8 Ladeira Da Misericórdia, Salvador, Brazil

Ladeira Da Misericórdia, Salvador, BrazilLadeira da Misericordia (Mercy Slope) has been abandoned for more than 20 years.

9 Petra, Jordan

Petra, JordanProbably the most famous site on the list, the damage to Petra, other than the natural wear and tear, is actually caused by tourism.

10 Kau Ruins, Juani Island, Tanzania

Kau Ruins, Juani Island, TanzaniaThe ruins are a medieval Swahili town at risk from the harsh climate and explorers digging for fabled Swahili treasures.

11 Sabu-Jaddi Rock Art Sites, Nile Valley, Sudan

Sabu-Jaddi Rock Art Sites, Nile Valley, SudanThe rock art is 6,000 years old and are threatened by erosion and acts of vandalism. Much remains undocumented.

12 Rumiqolqa, Andahuaylillas, Peru

Rumiqolqa, Andahuaylillas, PeruRumiqolqa contains pre-Inca and Inca archaeological remains but the quarry site is being over-exploited by uncontrolled mining.

13 San Esteban Del Rey Mission, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, United States

San Esteban Del Rey Mission, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, United StatesBuilt in the first half of the 16th century, the mission is suffering erosion and collapse.

All of these places are on the 2016 World Monuments Fund Watch List along with 37 others; together the 50 sites are in 36 countries. See the full list here

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