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With the changing world comes the disappearance of many beautiful places and things; these are seven of the things to see before they are gone. Not everything lasts forever. These things are scheduled to disappear within our lifetime, so add them to the top of your bucket list now. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, check out these things to see before they are gone.

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The Maldives

The Maldives The Maldives are one of the most amazing things to see before they are gone. This gorgeous grouping of islands will be underwater before we know it. The highest elevation in The Maldives is currently only 8 feet above sea level! Head to this one of a kind destination while you still can! You can spend your nights in a private resort held above the water on stilts and dine in a unique underwater restaurant that allows you to eat a wonderful meal while surrounded by underwater scenery.


The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef If you love to snorkel or dive, the Barrier Reef should already be a destination of interest for you, but many people do not know that it has been experiencing drastic changes recently. In the past 30 or so years, the Great Barrier Reef has been reduced to merely half its size! Most of the damage has been caused by an increase in severe weather as well as a huge boost in starfish, which are natural predators. While scientists are doing their best to keep the starfish away, there isn’t much that can be done to protect what remains of the reef against cyclones and hurricanes.


The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal If you have ever wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, you’d better do it now! The Taj will be closing in the next 3-5 years due to the disintegration of the foundation and walls after 360 years of weather wear, exposure to pollution and population. You can still visit now, Monday-Thursday, but it could close to the public at any time if it is felt that the building is too unstable to allow visitors.



Madagascar Madagascar is amazing… there are animals and plant life there that cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world! Sadly, the unique habitat is being completely ruined by deforestation. There is only 10% of the original forest cover left, and as more and more of it disappears, so will the unique creatures that live there.


Leonardo Da Vinci’s “the Last Supper”

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “the Last Supper” One of the most famous paintings in the world is disappearing before our eyes. The painting started to flake and fall apart shortly after it was completed and it seems that every time a restoration effort is made, it only makes matters worse. Covering the painting with a curtain to protect it only managed to trap moisture and cause more flaking to occur. As it stands, you can still visit and take a look at what remains of the original painting, but only small groups are allowed to enter at one time and only for 15 minutes.



Venice Beautiful Venice may not be with us forever. The land is sinking and the sea is rising and year after year the city becomes more and more flooded with water levels rising higher and higher. It is estimated that the city floods somewhere around 100 times per year and eventually it will be entirely impossible to live there. Maintenance efforts are being made, but unless some drastic measures are taken, the city will be water-covered and abandoned.


Florida Everglades

Florida Everglades Half of the Florida Everglades have been destroyed and now only 10% of the original wildlife remains. While the increasingly bad weather, like hurricanes, hitting the area is definitely not helping matters, the vast majority of the Everglades' depletion comes from human interference with the water and surrounding land.

I hope this list inspires you to see these amazing things or places before they’re gone for good. Hopefully the efforts that people are putting into saving these awe inspiring things will work and they will be around for a long time to come, but just in case they aren’t, you should plan to see them as soon as possible! What amazing things to see before they’re gone would you like everyone to know about?

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This is sad. I want to go to the taj mahal, Maldives and venice so badly

All great places! It will be a sad day when these wonders are no longer with us. Sadly, we are the exact reason for most of these problems.

So sad they are beautiful places everyone should enjoy but sadly wont be able to.

Sea levels are rising because of global warming so we can do things about it!!

Don\'t forget to add Glacier National Park!!

Wow,Venice really? That\'s so sad...I\'ve been wanting to go there too.

So informative, yet so depressing! Hate to see these beautiful places go.

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