9 Incredible Places to Visit before They're Gone ...

When you sit down to plan a trip, do you ever think of the places to visit before they’re gone? I didn’t until now. Most of the places that are disappearing are quite shocking and devastating since they are so rare and beautiful. These places to visit before they’re gone are places that you wouldn’t even think of.

1. The Maldives

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When you open a travel magazine, the bungalows sitting over the open blue water are mostly taken from the islands of Maldives. It is the smallest Asian country in population and land area. The islands of Maldives also happened to be the world’s lowest nation; 80% of the islands is 1 meter above sea level. Within 100 years the Maldives will become uninhabitable because they will be underwater. The crystal blue water beckons you to put it on your list of the places to visit before they’re gone!

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