50 Things to do in the USA before You Die ...

If you are a proud citizen, interested in your countryโ€™s social, political and cultural history, or just a serial traveler, there are probably a myriad of possibilities on your list of things to do in the USA before you die. As a huge country with glorious and diverse landscapes, amazing sprawling metropolitan areas and tiny towns, and a fantastically wealthy history, narrowing down the potentials is never going to be easy, but here is my pick of the 50 things to do in the USA before you die. Enjoy!

1. Go Horse Riding in Montana

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The scenery of the Swan Valley in Montana seems to echo the Alpine landscapes straight out of the Sound of Music. The state has some of the most unspoiled and beautiful natural areas in the country and it is the ideal place to saddle up and ride out because horse riding in Montana is one of the things to do in the USA before you die. Gorgeous lakes and rivers, flat plains and soaring mountains make the perfect setting for some giddy up.

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