9 Places Where You Can Really Escape from the Daily Grind ...

I’m quite happy to go on a resort/beach holiday but they aren’t really an escape from everyday life. I’ve heard “I need another holiday to get over my holiday” more times than I can remember. If you really do want to get respite and experience some R&R – even for just a day - from the rat race here are some places to visit.

1. Monkey Business in Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

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Jigokudami Monkey Park, one of the most memorable and eerie places to escape the stress of our modern world, is a natural spa that has formed through hot volcanic springs. For millennia Japanese Macaques or snow monkeys have used these hot springs to warm up their frozen toes and exchange gossip. Occasionally, there's some monkey business going on, which is probably why they all have such red faces.

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