8 Underwater Hotels You Will Not Believe ...


8 Underwater Hotels You Will Not Believe ...
8 Underwater Hotels You Will Not Believe ...

An underwater hotel was once a rare phenomenon – not so these days. There are a number of fabulous underwater hotels all around the world. Naturally, they are in stunning places, places where the view is a window into the world of the ocean and its life.

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The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Tanzania)

The Manta Resort (Pemba Island, Tanzania) The Manta Resort truly is of the greatest underwater hotels. Situated in the gorgeous Indian Ocean, a special underwater room that is thirteen feet under the surface has eight large windows that show guests all the wonders of the sea. A ladder helps you up to a luxurious lounge and sundeck, and you even get your meals sent out by boat!


Utter Inn (Vasteras, Sweden)

Utter Inn (Vasteras, Sweden) Perhaps the most rustic on the list, the small but amazing Utter Inn floats atop of Lake Malaren in Sweden. It may look like a traditional Swedish house on the surface, but once you climb down a ten-foot ladder you will find an adorable underwater room that offers you a glimpse of all that the tranquil lake has to offer. The only downside is that there is no electricity, but in some ways that makes things more romantic!


Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Florida, USA)

Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Florida, USA) This extraordinary lodging is an old marine lab that opened for hotel business in 1986. There is one thing to consider before booking a stay at Jules’ Lodge; the only way to get there is to don your scuba diving gear and swim down for yourself! Trust me, it’s worth the effort to get to this retro two bedroom underwater hotel!


Conrad Maldives (Rangali Island, the Maldives)

Conrad Maldives (Rangali Island, the Maldives) Sadly, at the moment, the Conrad Maldives only offers underwater dining and not underwater accommodation. The hotel itself is still lovely so it’s definitely worth staying at to experience dining underwater 16 feet down from the surface, in the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, with a view of a beautiful reef teeming with life.


The National Aquarium (Baltimore, USA)

The National Aquarium (Baltimore, USA) If you want an underwater experience but in a slightly more regulated environment, then why not try an overnight stay at the National Aquarium in Baltimore? Guests can choose between a sleepover with sharks or dolphins with added comforts including breakfast and dinner. All of a sudden Jaws doesn’t sound so scary!


Ushaka Marine World (Durban, South Africa)

Ushaka Marine World (Durban, South Africa) Sleepovers at this South African aquarium are housed in a super realistic replica of an old wrecked 1940s steam ship, and these have been fitted with huge fish tanks to give you the full underwater effect. There are 32 connecting tanks full of rays, sharks and other marine life. There is also a cool artificial beach!


Atlantis, the Palm (Dubai)

Atlantis, the Palm (Dubai) The vast majority of this spectacular and world famous hotel is above ground but there are underwater suites that are to die for. The romantic suites look out onto the gorgeous Ambassador Lagoon through floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom and bathroom. Yes a shark may watch you sitting on the loo!


Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji)

Poseidon Undersea Resort (Fiji) This is one of the underwater hotels you can’t book yet. It is still under development. You can however be put on the mailing list to receive notification of when bookings will be taken. Being built in fantastic Fiji, the Poseidon Undersea Resort will be the world’s first permanent one-atmosphere seafloor structure. It is planned to feature 22 guest rooms, one luxury suite, an underwater restaurant and bar, a library, conference room, wedding chapel and spa.

Is an underwater hotel your idea of vacation heaven?

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@rash same here hahaha

I'm pretty sure Atlantis isn't in Dubai. That's all desert...

I am not going to the one in South Africa 😁

Actually nm I'm thinking of the one in the Caribbean, didn't know Dubai had one

Great article

#6 .. I probably would have a heart attack if I were to look out into the sea world & see a shark gazing over at my meat ._.

If I wasn't so afraid of the sea this would be a beautiful view to fall asleep for.

I've always wanted to go to Dubai!!

All I can say is, you had better know how to swim!

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