9 Best Places to Go on Escorted Tours ...


9 Best Places to Go on Escorted Tours ...
9 Best Places to Go on Escorted Tours ...

Some travelers poo-poo the idea of there being some best places for escorted tours. The adventurers who are happy to explore the world on their own can’t imagine a pre-arranged itinerary but seriously, if you are a solo traveler (especially on their first time going-it-alone) or you have limited time in a country, escorted tours are a fabulous solution. Escorted tours are run by knowledgeable guides and are designed so you get in the absolute most you can in the minimum amount of time. A guided tour is also the easy option of taking in multiple locations without you having to work out an itinerary and book multi-stop travel journeys and various accommodations. Here are some places for escorted tours most travel experts recommend.

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Peru There is so much to see you will really struggle to see and do it all, which is why Peru is one of the best places for escorted tours. Language and cultural barriers can leave lone ranger travellers feeling a bit lost and bewildered as they make their way through the cacophony of sites and sights and history. Don’t miss out - book a tour before you go to experience everything that Peru has to offer, which is so much more than just Macchu Pichu.


South Africa

South Africa is a magnificent country and easy to navigate on your own, although you might miss out if you plan on seeing the Garden Route and the Kruger National Park in one day – you need to climb on a plane to do that. If you are doing a blitz visit of the country, the best way to see it all and not have to panic about it is to book a guided tour and get the most of out of your short stay.



Italy The seasoned traveler may turn their nose up at the suggestion that Italy is one of the best places for a guided tour, when it is so easy to do it solo. But really, it’s a hassle to book everything yourself and when it’s time for a fresh perspective off of the beaten track, the guided tour is going to be the gem you are after. Take it slow, like a local, sip on your wine, dunk your bread into your olive oil and kick back and watch the sun sink below the vineyards.



Myanmar The road to Mandalay may conjure up many a literary or romantic image but in reality, that road isn’t paved. While rather new to the tourist scene, the country has not seen the likes of visitors since what can be described as the beginning of time without exaggeration and tourist infrastructure is well … non-existent. Visit a country trapped in time, where floating markets and ancient temples consume the scenery and where evidence of ancient civilizations are still seen, untouched, everywhere – but best book a tour.



Russia Russia has not been on the top of many travelers’ lists for some time and often passed on for what is assumed to be less stressful pastures for a holiday. But those who have been before have declared it to have been an experience entirely unparalleled to any other. Russia may pose a foreboding and intimidating exterior with the language and cultural barriers putting people off, but in fact, it is one of the most exciting places for escorted tours.



The US is a massive country and those who want to see the highlights of the city lights and breathe the crisp fresh air of the country, will definitely need to book a guided tour unless you plan on travelling for a few years. But don’t think that you will stuck in a bus with some boring stiff upper lips –why not book something exciting like a Harley Tour instead?



To be fair, India has a reputation for being an assault for the senses for the first time traveler – wall to wall people, pollution, traffic and poverty juxtaposed with an insane amount of wealth all packed into overwhelming cities that are literally heaving for space. The public transport system will put hair on your teeth and driving as a foreigner – well you are putting your life into your hands. But it is one of the best places for a guided tour – they will know which back roads to take and when are the quietest times for seeing the amazing attractions.


New Zealand

Visiting New Zealand, for many travelers, is a once in a lifetime dream come true, so don’t waste it by getting lost and trying to find your way around . New Zealand is the country that you want to take a guided tour in – there are so many spectacular scenes, you don’t want to get home and see that you have missed something that was literally around the corner from where you were.



Vietnam Hugely popular as a holiday and honeymoon destination, the allure of Vietnam continues to be irresistible. But it’s also one of the best places for escorted tours unless you want to be lost for the majority of your holiday or going round and round in circles. The chaos is astounding, but the locals make it look effortless and travelers stick out like a sore thumb. There are more and more expats there these days, but it still took them a while to match the rhythm of the locals – something you won’t be able to do in a week.

Don’t think for one minute that I’m saying these places for escorted tours shouldn’t be visited as one-destination-vacations or that you shouldn’t plan your own itinerary. It’s all a matter of how you like to holiday! Escorted tours are merely an option to consider. Have you ever been on one? Would you recommend?

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