9 Best Places to Go on Escorted Tours ...

Some travelers poo-poo the idea of there being some best places for escorted tours. The adventurers who are happy to explore the world on their own can’t imagine a pre-arranged itinerary but seriously, if you are a solo traveler (especially on their first time going-it-alone) or you have limited time in a country, escorted tours are a fabulous solution. Escorted tours are run by knowledgeable guides and are designed so you get in the absolute most you can in the minimum amount of time. A guided tour is also the easy option of taking in multiple locations without you having to work out an itinerary and book multi-stop travel journeys and various accommodations. Here are some places for escorted tours most travel experts recommend.

1. Peru

There is so much to see you will really struggle to see and do it all, which is why Peru is one of the best places for escorted tours. Language and cultural barriers can leave lone ranger travellers feeling a bit lost and bewildered as they make their way through the cacophony of sites and sights and history. Don’t miss out - book a tour before you go to experience everything that Peru has to offer, which is so much more than just Macchu Pichu.