7 Pristine Beaches in Portugal for Perfect Days in the Sun ...

The beaches of Portugal are a beautiful collection. This small country, which occupies a long narrow chunk of the Iberian Peninsula, has a western and southern coastline, both on the Atlantic Ocean. The southern coast known as The Algarve is spectacular, while the western seaboard is rugged and wild. Here’s a selection of the beaches of Portugal that might just take your fancy.

1. Vila Praia Da Ancora, Costa Verde

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The Costa Verde – or the Green Coast, is a wonderful stretch of coastline that runs from Porto to the Spanish border and has some of the best beaches in Portugal. Guarded by forts at either end, Praia da Ancora is a wonderful mix of flat sands, boulder clumps and rock pools. The waters may belong to the Atlantic, but the beach is great for wind and board surfers, and also has stretches of calm, crystal clear waters for swimming.

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