7 Perfectly Presented Pod Hotels for a Stay with a Difference ...

If you’re looking for the hottest trends in travel, look no further than pod hotels. Hotels aren’t generally ones that experience trends. Essentially they are all the same, just differentiated by their location, construction, facilities, services provided and price. It’s great to see, therefore, that something is shaking up the establishment and introducing something new to the scene. Pod hotels take their inspiration from Japan (as so many modern things do) where capsule hotels have been around for decades. They are small, compact, design innovative, putting function over form, yet still retaining more than an element of taste and style. The no frills approach means they are cheaper than their conventional equivalents. You may not want to spend a fortnight in one, but for short trips, pod hotels are ideal.

1. Qbic, Amsterdam

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The best pod hotels know how to make the most of a small amount of space and that’s certainly true for Qbic in Amsterdam. Each room is just about 75 square feet, yet manages to include extra-long beds and a work area. If you’re going to share one of the “cubi” rooms, you can’t be shy as the bathrooms are part of the room area with no dividing door – although, the Philippe Starck bathroom fittings will give you something nice to look at. There’s even mood lighting installed, so depending on your frame of mind, you can opt for deep purple love, mellow yellow or red romance.

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