7 Great Websites for Cheap Air Tickets ...

When it comes to travel, one of the most popular Internet searches is for websites for cheap air tickets. And why not? Who wants to pay full price for a flight if you can get it at a discount? With so many websites for cheap air tickets, how do you choose? Here are some of my favorites; why not check out some of their great deals.

1. Yapta.com

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You may download a tool on this website that allows you to track the prices of a ticket. But, that is not all that the site offers, as it has lots of different functions you can try; such as a price finder for hire cars, and hotels. It is not just another one of those websites for cheap air tickets, as they have also tried to concentrate on the user experience a little more. It is not just another comparison site or a site set up by the travel company hosting all the deals, (which is what some cheeky travel firms do).

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