7 Great Websites for Cheap Air Tickets ...


7 Great Websites for Cheap Air Tickets ...
7 Great Websites for Cheap Air Tickets ...

When it comes to travel, one of the most popular Internet searches is for websites for cheap air tickets. And why not? Who wants to pay full price for a flight if you can get it at a discount? With so many websites for cheap air tickets, how do you choose? Here are some of my favorites; why not check out some of their great deals.

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Yapta.com You may download a tool on this website that allows you to track the prices of a ticket. But, that is not all that the site offers, as it has lots of different functions you can try; such as a price finder for hire cars, and hotels. It is not just another one of those websites for cheap air tickets, as they have also tried to concentrate on the user experience a little more. It is not just another comparison site or a site set up by the travel company hosting all the deals, (which is what some cheeky travel firms do).



Bookingbuddy.com This website is very similar to other websites for cheap air fares. It gives you a number of options that you may enter into its search bar. But, it also has a section where you can browse package holidays, book cars, hotels, cruises, etc. The designers have made it so that you can find most of what you need for your vacation on the website. It also has a “deals” page and a private sales page too.


Farecast.com / Bing.com Travel

Farecast.com / Bing.com Travel Bing has bought and merged with Farecast so that it redirects you to Bing travel if you try to reach Farecast. This is good in the sense that you now get to use the Farecast index and information, with all the benefits of Bing Travel and its deals thrown in too. The tool on the Bing site works just like most of the sites for cheap flights, where you enter your to and from details, along with how many people are going and on what date, and it gives you a list of travel options and deals you may purchase.



Airfarewatchdog.com This is a website that allows you to keep track of certain air fares from airlines around the world. The website is based on a very good idea, but it is not ideally executed yet. It is still missing up-to-date information from many large airlines, and is still missing information from certain larger airports. But, the idea behind the website is very good, even if it will take them a few more months to get their act together.



Hotwire.com This is a website where you can find a hotel or a car in numerous destinations around the world. It is a little more focused than most sites for cheap flights, which means you do not get as many options as you do with other websites, but the information they offer is of a reasonably high quality. It has reviews from Trip Advisor too.



Kayak.com From this website you may find what most websites for cheap air fares will give you. It has a search engine for finding the correct flight, car, or holiday at a price that you can afford to pay. It has a section for city breaks too, and you can create an account to gain access to things such as the “My Trips” section. It concentrates on finding you the best price for some of the most popular destinations around the world, mainly focusing on the US and Europe.



Seatguru.com This is not like other websites for cheap air tickets. It does have a function that allows you to find cheap air tickets, but this website is more of a tool for ensuring that you have a nicer time on your flight. It shows you seating plans of your plane as you are booking it. You can also run flight searches, browse the different airlines, and use their new comparison chart to compare the prices and quality of the different airlines. It also features air companies from around the world, which is good if you take one airline to your destination, and then another for your return.

There are so many websites for cheap flights that it’s easy to be drawn into searching them for hours and hours. Unless you have days to spend searching just to end up saving $10, it’s not worth it. Pick a few sites you like and you should still find some great deals. Do you have any favorite cheap flight websites?

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Wow! Great!

I'm certainly surprised that Google's ita matrix isn't included on this list!

Exactly what I need this year. My travel year :)

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