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7 American Hi-tech Hotels for the Gadget Obsessed ...

By Neecey

Hi-tech hotels are fast becoming the most popular choice for discerning travellers all over the world. As technology drives our day to day lives, it is becoming impossible for all those gadget enthusiasts to go without all their electronic accoutrements for an entire vacation, and certainly not a business trip. With so many state of the art, hi-tech hotels popping up in major cities throughout the world, it is becoming much easier for the technologically inclined to get their up to minute fix all the social media and news sites. And ultra-modern hotels are not just a playground for the rich and famous, things like Wi-Fi are becoming a standard feature in any accommodation, as more and more traveling professionals just cannot afford to be cut off from their instant lifestyles. Here are 7 Hi-tech Hotels for the Gadget Obsessed.

1 Aria Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Las Vegas

One of the reasons Vegas is so popular is its ability to provide an almost parallel universe of luxury to the non-celebrity, and the Aria Resort and Casino is no exception. Guests in this luxury modern techno hotel have all the bells and whistles to make you feel like royalty. Check in at the front desk via phone, or the touch screen TV in your room, without having to mingle with the civilians downstairs in the lobby.

2 The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the party capital of the world and a desert playground for those serious party animals that are after wild nights of fun and a complete escape from reality. This futuristic hotel offers guest the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology and every wish is your command. Access any service within the hotel by using the ultra-modern control panels in your room; you can even order up your pooch some Norwegian salmon.


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3 The Eliot Hotel, Boston

This stunning boutique hotel may be themed as old school Parisian –style, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is a heritage piece. The state of the art hotel comes fully equipped with all the modern technology one can handle: touch screens to order your cocktails, room service, dinner, an extra blanket, a nightcap and even a fully detailed schedule for you to arrange your turn down at night.

4 The Jefferson, Washington D.C

Everything about this modern hotel is all about the latest and greatest technology. Don’t want to miss out on the morning news, the business report or the weather; don’t worry you can keep up to date while you are shaving or brushing your teeth, because in every bathroom you have a sleek flat screen TV that is implanted in your bathroom mirror, so you won’t have to miss a thing.

5 The Ritz-Carlton New York Battery Park, New York City

This luxurious New York City hotel is indulgence at its most sublime. Each room overlooking the harbour has its very own telescope so that guests can look out over to the Statue of Liberty and up to the stars at night. With an army of butlers at your disposal, one does not even need to run one’s own bath. Order your butler, room service or a nice bottle of bubbly at the touch of a button.

6 The Setai Fifth Avenue, New York City

With an emphasis on the most exclusive service to their guests, The Setai has become world renowned for their exceptional customer service for their discerning visitors. All the rooms come standard with a massive flat screen TV, and there are TVs in all the bathrooms as well. Let your iPod charge in one of the docking stations, and sit back and relax while your personal concierge arranges everything for the duration of your stay.

7 Four Seasons Maui, Hawaii

This hi-tech hotel is fast becoming the hot spot to stay in Hawaii. Pick up your Kindle that is completely waterproofed, with 40 books pre-loaded for your convenience, from the hotel that loans each guest one during their stay. Superb luxury in the rooms, with every technological tweak one could think of, a Jacuzzi in each room and no less than 2 hotel staff members assigned to each room.

These are just 7 Hi-Tech Hotels for the gadget obsessed, and if you are an electronics junkie, you are definitely going to pick an ultra-modern hotel to stay in when you travel. Going on a business trip no longer means that you are cut off from the office with all the high-tech amenities for all travellers available at the super techno hotels around the world. Have you stayed in any of these space-age hotels lately?

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