7 Made-over Neighborhoods Now Worth Visiting ...

Thanks to urban regeneration projects, there are neighborhoods that have had a makeover that are now very much worth visiting. Such places were once way off the tourist radar, lacking appeal in every travel sense. With vision and creativity, the neighborhoods that have had a makeover now tell a different story. Like these …

1. Shoreditch, London, England

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Shoreditch is an ideal place to start when thinking about neighborhoods that have had a makeover. A part of London that was once terrorized by gangs, drug dealers and general low-lifes, Shoreditch has come a long way from being a notable home to the poor and working class of London to now being regarded as one of the city’s trendiest and most up and coming destinations. Full of the most fashionable bars and a number of interesting, smaller museums, this East End district has really changed its reputation.

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