7 Small Cities in the World Worth a Visit ...

Although small cities in the world are often overshadowed by big cities, like New York City and London, they are definitely worth a visit. Small cities can be very charming and easy to navigate as they often offer better walking routes than big cities, and public transport is not always required. They are also a great option for those who donโ€™t have a lot of time to explore a big city, and they tend to be much cheaper too. These small cities in the world are a great option for you if youโ€™re seeking a quick city trip.

1. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Of all the small cities in the world Iโ€™ve been to, Amsterdam is one of my favorites. The city center is filled with beautiful old buildings and canals, and walking or biking through this city is an absolute delight. The city has great museums, like the Van Gogh Museum, shopping for every budget, and beautiful parks for a picnic on a summer day. Amsterdam has a plethora of hotels, restaurants and bars and even if you stay outside the city center, itโ€™s very easy and quick to get to the center area. You can also take trips to one of the picturesque villages just outside Amsterdam.

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