7 Livable Cities to Emigrate to ...

After spending a life-changing year working and living abroad, I am now researching livable cities to emigrate to. There are so many possibilities to living somewhere new, such as the fun of exploring new places, trying exotic foods and trying your hand at different hobbies… but there are also practical benefits too, such as greater potential earnings, better weather, lower house prices and the chance of a fresh start. You might be surprised to hear that I am a family girl through and through, and also have a strong network of friends – however approaching the age at which I have started to think about settling down, I have realized other cities hold greater appeal to me. If you are considering working in a new cities, or like me are considering emigrating… here are 7 livable cities to consider.

1. Vancouver

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Vancouver is frequently advertised as one of the most livable cities in the world. With great snowy peaks for snowboarding in winter and beaches for the summer, it appears the ideal destination for active types that like to embrace the outdoors. A little chillier than some of the other cities on my list, Vancouver is ideal for those that wish to explore a new city and country but perhaps don’t want to travel too far from home. Although a beautiful city, one of the good points of Vancouver is the equidistant to travelling to pristine forests and unforgettable scenery.

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