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To some, adventure holidays are better than the coveted island breakaway. Adventure holidays are a way to explore the world around you, without trawling malls, staying in 5 star luxury hotels and having endless massages at a spa. Although these things are indeed a really nice way of spending your down time, adventure holidays are designed for those who want a bit more out of their travels. Here are 8 of the World’s Best Adventure Holidays to choose from.

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Hiking in the Himalayas

Hiking in the Himalayas Most people think that hiking anywhere in the notorious Everest region is for hard core, slightly insane, super incredibly fit and experienced hikers. But there are adventure trips for the entire family to see the peaks of the Himalayas. Combine a fascinating trip through the exotic town of Kathmandu, explore ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines, and soak up the diversity of the bustling markets before heading out to the peaks of the Himalayas. You’ll sleep in darling little tea houses along the way and be one of the most unforgettable adventure holidays ever.


Cycling in El Camino, Spain

Cycling in El Camino, Spain Possibly one of the most epic cycling trails in the world, starts at Roncesvalles, along the Camino de Santiago and going all the way along the 783kms route to the Cathedral of Santiago. It has long been a legendary pilgrimage route. For more than 1,000 years pilgrims took this route that goes through the Cathedral city of Leon and winds through some of the most incredible ancient villages and historic towns in Northern Spain. These days, tourists looking for the ultimate adventure holiday, take this trip over 8 days, staying in the small towns along the way.


Antarctic Voyage

Antarctic Voyage An expedition to Antarctica has got to be the most incredible adventure tour of a lifetime. Book a trip on one of the grand expedition ships, like the iconic MS Fram, which takes visitors on tours from Tierra Del Fuego, stopping off to visit the resplendent Ushuaia National Park, passing through the Drake Passage, before arriving in the breath taking winter wonderland of Antarctica. The 10 day voyage explores the planet’s last virtually untouched landscapes and visitors will be able to experience the most incredible marine life such as whales, penguins and seals, as well as listen to the fascinating talks about Antarctica, the legends and the mystery of this incredible, barren landscape.


Cowboy Adventures in Canada

Cowboy Adventures in Canada Embrace your inner rancher and head out for exciting adventure trips to Alberta in Canada. Get back to nature and experience the beauty of the wild west, as it has been carefully and lovingly preserved at some of the state’s ranches. Follow overnight horse trails through Kananaskis Country and through Bow Valley, go white water rafting and zip line through the fir plantations. Go on a real cowboy wagon trip and enjoy the ultimate cowboy adventure experience with fantastic, friendly teams in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam Halong Bay has got to be one of the most incredible landscapes in the world, where time appears to stand completely still – the perfect destination for some terrific adventure tours. The mesmerising deep emerald waters, and the swirling mist, give way to the mysterious and eerie limestone outcrops that appear to rise from the depths of the bay, cropping up almost appearing to be scattered everywhere. A guided kayak tour will lead you to all the secret, hidden coves, amazing caves and sensational views. Glide through the magical waters and wave to passing junks and experience serenity like nowhere else on earth.


Hot Air Balloon Tour in the North Pole

Hot Air Balloon Tour in the North Pole This new tour is one of a kind, and can without a doubt holds its own at the very front of the queue when it comes to looking for the best adventure holidays anywhere in the world. Part of a 2 week trip, starting off on the 50 Years of Victory, an icebreaker ship, you will have a week to experience the exotic landscapes as you make your way to the North Pole. Crack the champers on arrival and head out to the launch pad, where your hot air balloon will lift you high into the sky above the ice. Expect to be rather chilly, and completely in awe.


Semi-Sub Tour of the Great Barrier Reef

Semi-Sub Tour of the Great Barrier Reef The Great Barrier Reef is one of the only natural phenomena that can be seen from space. A world heritage site, this astounding coral reef attracts thousands of visitors every year, who flock to the reef to explore the underwater palaces, the incredible marine life, experience dolphin encounters, snorkel, dive and swim in and around the sparkling azure waters around the great reef. A semi sub tour is the latest in adventure tours; the air conditioned sub allows visitors to explore another world, without getting wet at all.


Safari in Uganda

Safari in Uganda We are all familiar with South Africana and Tanzanian safaris but for wildlife adventure tours it’s hard to beat the Uganda experience. Track chimpanzees and monkeys through the Chambura Gorge and look for hippo, crocodiles and exotic birdlife on a boat trip in the Kazinga Channel. The highlight of Uganda adventure holidays has to be the trek through the rainforest to see mountain gorillas in the Bwindi National Park.

Adventure holidays don’t have to break the bank or be too strenuous, and getting out to enjoy adventure tours, will surely be the most memorable holidays of all.

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