8 Myths about round the World Travel Debunked ...


8 Myths about round the World Travel Debunked ...
8 Myths about round the World Travel Debunked ...

Do you want to take a round the world trip, but you’ve heard too many negative things? There is much said about a trip around the world but have you ever met anyone who has come back saying they regret having gone? I can’t promise to answer all your questions but here are 8 myths about round the world travel debunked:

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I Don’t Have Time to Go around the World

Like everything else in life, if you want it you’ll find ways to make it happen. Round the world travel doesn’t have to mean months off work, or giving up your job. You can plan a round the world trip that only takes 2-3 weeks, stopping off at major cities, seeing fabulous sites and soaking up new cultures like the proverbial sponge.


I Can’t Afford It

It’s expensive – this is one of the most common myths about round the world travel. I’m not going to tell anyone it’s cheap, but I reckon in reality it is a fraction of what you’re imagining. It’s a case of being smart – don’t stay in hotels, use cheap transport such as trains and buses and either self cater or eat like a local (not in fancy restaurants aimed at tourists). A round the world trip should be about the experience, what you see and what you do, the people you meet and the embracing of all things new – not about where you stay, where you eat and having a window seat on the plane.


There’s Too Much Planning Involved

You really only need to plan so much. One of the joys of round the world travel is a free schedule. By only having only the bare bones of a plan you can decide what to want to see when you get to a destination, and then decide how to get to your next place. Some places you’ll visit simply don’t work to timetables so having a plan and not being able to stick to it can be frustrating.


I Won’t Be Able to Pack What I Need

Start with this attitude and you’ll never travel the world. You are going to be traveling to magical places to see wondrous things. You don’t need a pack full of clothes nor every travel gizmo and gadget. You only need to pack the basics and be sensible in your choices. There’s very little you need that you won’t be able to buy where you’re going. You’ll also surprise yourself when you realize just how much you manage to go without. Here’s some advice that will help travel.allwomenstalk.com


I Will Be Sick All the Time from the Food and Water

Unless you have a particularly sensitive digestive system, there shouldn’t be a problem. Be sensible. It’s just a case of doing what you would at home. Wash fruit, make sure the places you buy from are clean, choose street stalls that are busy (if the locals are queuing it must be fine), check meat is cooked properly etc. Use bottled water. It’s also easy to read up on what any dangers are food-wise for where you’re going.


I Don’t Speak Any Languages so I Won’t Be Able to Communicate

Yes! This can be frustrating but with a little effort you’ll make yourself understood. Gestures, pictures and a few words will get you far. Learning a few words or having a universal translator will prove handy. Keep patient and don’t get angry. And, don’t shout louder – volume doesn’t promote understanding. When you take a round the world trip there’s one essential language the whole world understands – a smile!


I’m a Single Girl, I Shouldn’t Travel Alone

Not true. Many thousands of single women put their intrepid foot forward and set off on a round the world trip and have a fabulous time, arriving back home safe and sound. The first thing you pack is your brain. Use common sense and keep your wits about you. Stay cautious and trust your instincts. Avoid situations and places where you sense or know of danger.


Foreigners Will Rip Me off

There are opportunists in every country – probably even in your own home street. Rip off merchants can only rip you off if you let them. The key is to not be a target for criminal entrepreneurs. Common sense applies – if you wear designer clothes, flash your money around and wear your expensive camera around your neck – what do you expect? Dress for the country, the culture and the occasion. Keep your valuables tight to you and on a round the world trip, you’ll find more friends than thieves.

A round the world trip should be the most exciting experience of your life. Now that I’ve debunked a few myths – what are you waiting for?

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