7 New England Beaches I Love ...

New England Beach spots are some of the best spots out there. As ya'll know, I live in New England and I have to say, there are truly some incredible New England beach spots that most people would just overlook. I was born and raised in Michigan and all we had were lake spots, so to be in a place that has real ocean beaches, it truly is incredible and below, I am going to detail out the top 7 New England beach spots that I absolutely love!

1. Nahant Beach

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Nahant is a great little town in Massachusetts and by far, it has the best beach out there. This is honestly one of the ones that I go to (and not because it is just 20 minutes from my house either), it is clean, it is easy to get to and the parking is awesome. There are tons of things that I look for in a beach and the parking is one of them. This beach is $3.00 per car to park – beat that parking charge! Also, the parking lot is long because the beach is long – so no matter where you park, you'll be able to easily get on the beach without having to trudge through the sand dunes!

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