10 Top Destinations for Winter Sports ...


10 Top Destinations for Winter Sports ...
10 Top Destinations for Winter Sports ...

Top Destinations for Winter Sports **-- the locations might surprise you! Winter sports get hearts racing and blood pumping. While some people look forward to lazy summer days and summer holidays, there are those who literally count the sleeps to that first snow fall. They look longingly at the snowboards gathering dust in bedroom cupboards and long for their great big white adventures to begin. While constantly keeping an eye on their favourite ski slope or frozen pond, those intrepid winter sports enthusiasts cannot wait for summer to end. There are **top destinations for winter sports complete with snow capped mountains, spicy warm Gluwein, hot tubs and 5 star resort treatment during the day and parties by night, it will be very hard not to become a winter ski and sports fan yourself. Here is a list of the 10 Top Destinations for Winter Sports all around the world for you to choose your winter wonderland adventure from.

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Whistler, CANADA

Originally tailor made, designed and built with a dedication to the serious winter ski and sports enthusiasts in mind, Whistler could very well be the ultimate downhill skiing destination on the globe. With a serious commitment to all things ski related, people come from many different countries to this premier ski site, where it is renowned for the very best world class training on their mountains. International competitors can be found honing their skills as they prepare for worldwide competitions, on these very slopes. But if you are feeling a little out of your depth on the ski slopes, the Canadians take their nightlife just as seriously, so be sure to get on down to all the parties!


New Paltz, NEW YORK

The winter sport of curling has had a recent boom in popularity, with curling clubs popping up all over the US and the rest of the world. New Paltz is a fantastic destination for curling lovers. Winter ski and sports enthusiasts descend to this quaint village, just over an hour’s drive north of New York City. For those who want to learn the sport of curling, this is the number one destination for students. And curling isn’t the only big attraction, as it is also the home of the Shawangunk Ridge, the most popular and definitely the busiest rock climbing haven in all of North America.


Yabuli, CHINA

Way up in the mountainous region of China, about 3000 meters above sea level, will bring you to the northeastern town of Yabuli. Enjoying somewhat of a boom as far as becoming the premier winter ski and sports destination in the country, it boasts the largest ski run in all of China. The winter wonderland playground for the rich and famous, the Yabuli ski resort has made an exclusive name for itself, catering to an elite skiing crowd.


Stowe, Vermont, USA

For those skiers, or those who would still like to learn how to ski, who like a little pizzazz in their winter ski and sports activities, then the ultimate skiing destination has to be Stowe in Vermont. Labeled as the absolute best winter ski and sports destination for the ultimate in freestyle skiing slopes, there are some of the best spots for experienced skiers as well as terrified beginners. Located near the highest mountain in Vermont, Mount Mansfield, where ice climbing remains a popular alternative to skiing during the winter, this is a perfect location for the entire family to enjoy a skiing holiday together.


San Carlos De Bariloche, ARGENTINA

Argentina remains a popular favorite winter ski and sports destination, as it doesn’t matter what your favorite snowy sport is, you can do it all here! Free styling, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, ice climbing, skiing, you name it, you will be able to do it. Winter adventure awaits, with the excellent lift systems they have in place, making it easy to navigate the area, with some spectacular views. And of course the nightlife adventure has an excellent name, with some of the best parties just waiting to be enjoyed.


Colorado Springs, USA

Without a doubt the premier world class figure skating destination, with the best figure skating facilities in the world. Frequented by top figure skating athletes from all over the world, some of the most unbelievable events and training takes place here in Colorado. With tuition in ice dancing, power skating, and the use of 3 jump harnesses, this is definitely the place to sharpen your blades.


Oberhof, GERMANY

When skiing down the snow filled slopes is not enough winter ski and sports for you, then head on down to Oberhof, Germany. Here, the Biathlon sport of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, is steadily gaining some loyal followers. The first ski tunnel ever built in Germany is also here, as well as some super epic luge, bobsled and Nordic skiing opportunities. Clearly, the Germans know what they are doing, and this one is not to be missed. Plus, well they have beer.


Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

Unforgiving, rugged, hardcore skiing for the intransigent winter ski and sports fan, Cradle Mountain, in the St Clair National Park, is not for the faint hearted. Definitely not the luxurious 5 star winter ski and sports resort, but you will not have to bump your way onto a chair lift or stand in queues and the unbelievable scenery makes the rough edges all worth it.


Lake Placid, NEW YORK

Home to the most amazing luge track, built for the 1980 Winter Olympics, the track still caters for the adrenalin junkie and the professional luge enthusiast, who continue to come to Lake Placid in their droves. Jump on a tandem spin around the luge track with a professional, who will do all the hardcore bits and pieces, or if you are super sonically brave, they will let you take the track on your own! One of the best winter ski and sports destinations in the world also has many other activities, many of them much tamer than the luge.


Mayrhofen, AUSTRIA

The destination that lives, eats and breathes snowboarding will be perfect for those who think it only snows so you can get out there on your board. Nestled in the Zillertal Valley of the Austrian Alps, this could very well be the snowboarding capital of the world. The snow is completely untracked and the ambiance is laid back and friendly, vibey and social. Needles to say, the nightlife literally rocks.

As you can see, there are many top destinations for winter sports, and there's no telling where you might find one. No matter what your choice of board, skate or ski is, there is a slope out there with your name on it, some of them may even be closer to home than you think. You can easily find many of the top destinations for winter sports somewhere close to you. Whether you are looking for an super stylish snow party in the Alps, or a rugged ice climbing adventure, these 10 Top Destinations for Winter Sports guarantee not to disappoint. The only problem is, how do you choose where to go first?

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