7 Must See Ohio Attractions That You Will Love ...

If you’re planning to take a trip to Ohio soon, there’s a ton of great Ohio attractions that you can enjoy. There are 73 state parks throughout the state of Ohio, as well as museums, covered bridges, malls and boutiques. I have had the privilege of visiting Ohio on multiple occasions and it is a wonderful place for a family vacation. If you need some ideas for your trip, here’s 7 great Ohio attractions to put on your itinerary.

1. Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

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One of my favorite Ohio attractions is the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. My parents took me there as a child and my husband and I have been able to take our children there, as well. This zoo is located on about 580 acres of land and currently has over 9,000 animals. If you happen to be near this zoo in November or December, be sure to check out their seasonal light display. Plus, a trip to the zoo is a great idea if you’re on a tight budget.

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