10 Blue Plaques to Visit in London ...

If you want to see Britainโ€™s capital city from a different angle, making a tour of some of the Blue Plaques in London is an interesting way to make a visit. What is a Blue Plaque? The scheme is run by English Heritage and a blue plaque is placed on the outside of a building to denote someone of significance lived there (or stayed for a long visit). The plaque contains the name of the person it commemorates, dates and the reason for its placement. A tour of the Blue Plaques in London can take you to some of Londonโ€™s most interesting historical places.

1. Charles Dickens

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When travelling around looking for Blue Plaques in London, one of the spots you have to stop off at is the Plaque commemorating Charles Dickens, a writer more associated with writing about Victorian life in London than any other author. The Plaque is located near the home of Dickens and his family, at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, Bloomsbury, WC1. The Plaque is one of the many London Heritage Plaques which is not located on the actual location due to demolition of the original property, and the current location is home to the British Medical Association. Even if you cannot see the exact place where Dickens wrote some of his most famous novels, including Bleak House and A Tale of Two Cities, it is still worth a visit.

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