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Berlin Travel Itinerary ...

By Neecey

Berlin is one of Europe's greatest cities. It is brimming with sighs, entertainment and culture. If you're visiting it's easy to be overwhelmed by things to see, places to go, and things to do. I've a few selections from the masses on offer.

Table of contents:

  1. Remember times gone by at the berlin wall
  2. Find your spiritual side at the cathedral
  3. Enjoy the street art
  4. Get sugar on your lips
  5. View the city from the fernsehturm
  6. Admire the structure of the reichstag
  7. Walk across oberbaumbrücke bridge
  8. Immerse yourself in the cafe culture
  9. Get the creeps at beelitz heilstätten
  10. Find some great food in prenzlauer berg
  11. Take a photo of the waterfall in viktoriapark
  12. See to infinity and beyond
  13. Be in awe of the brandenburg gate
  14. Sit and ponder in gendarmenmarkt
  15. Have a drink by the river spree
  16. Fall in love with the architecture of gedächtniskirche
  17. Visit the jewish museum
  18. Get under glass at sony center
  19. Pause for thought at the holocaust memorial
  20. Look into a marine world
  21. Walk in the gardens at schloss charlottenburg
  22. Feast on flammkuchen
  23. Take a selfie - old school style
  24. Buy gifts at the christmas market
  25. View antiquities at the bode museum
  26. Kick back in kreuzberg neighborhood
  27. Take a nighttime walk unter den linden
  28. See the plants at the berlin dahlem botanical gardens
  29. Take a trip down the spree river
  30. Take a pew at the mauerpark
  31. Take a tram ride
  32. See a wonderful sculpture
  33. Mingle with the crowd at alexanderplatz
  34. Just enjoy the artistry
  35. Find peace in the tiergarten
  36. Borrow a book from the tree library
  37. Enjoy the sights at the festival of lights
  38. Visit checkpoint charlie
  39. Admire the design of neue synagoge
  40. Take a dip at badeschiff
  41. See the ishtar gate
  42. See strange forms at the dz bank building
  43. Get some retail therapy at kadewe department store,
  44. Crane your neck to see the victory column
  45. Sip on hot chocolate fassbender & rausch
  46. Shop for bargains at boxhagener platz flea market
  47. Chow down on currywurst
  48. A view to commit to memory

1 Remember Times Gone by at the Berlin Wall

Via Berlin Wall (Portland Harbour, Maine)

2 Find Your Spiritual Side at the Cathedral

Via Top 10 Destinations to Spend ...
The Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church.

3 Enjoy the Street Art

Via Berlin Street Art by Mentalgassi

4 Get Sugar on Your Lips

Via Berliners (Jelly-Filled Donuts) | SAVEUR
Jam packed doughnuts known as Berliners.

5 View the City from the Fernsehturm

Via Berlin – Fernsehturm – TV ...
Berlin's TV tower is the symbol of the city and the tallest building in Germany.

6 Admire the Structure of the Reichstag

Via Welcome to Flickr - Photo ...
The Reichstag is Germany's parliament building.

7 Walk across Oberbaumbrücke Bridge

Via Why Wait Travels--CruiseOne

8 Immerse Yourself in the Cafe Culture

Via TIN Restaurant Bar Club Berlin ...

9 Get the Creeps at Beelitz Heilstätten

Via I would rescue this if ...
An abandoned military hospital.

10 Find Some Great Food in Prenzlauer Berg

11 Take a Photo of the Waterfall in Viktoriapark

Via Top 6 places to visit ...

12 See to Infinity and beyond

Via The Most Terrifying Spiral Staircases ...
The Spandau Citadel is one of the best-preserved Renaissance military structures in Europe.

13 Be in Awe of the Brandenburg Gate

Via Visual Trip Planning Tool, Travel ...

14 Sit and Ponder in Gendarmenmarkt

Via All sizes | Gendarmenmarkt | ...

15 Have a Drink by the River Spree

Via sarah tucker : poor, but ...

16 Fall in Love with the Architecture of Gedächtniskirche

Via Gedächtniskirche
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is located on the Kurfürstendamm in the centre of the Breitscheidplatz.

17 Visit the Jewish Museum


18 Get under Glass at Sony Center

Via Flashback: Sony Center Berlin / ...

19 Pause for Thought at the Holocaust Memorial

Via 10 Most Populous Cities In ...

20 Look into a Marine World

Via World’s Largest Cylindrical Aquarium at ...
This massive fish tank is at the Radisson Blu hotel.

21 Walk in the Gardens at Schloss Charlottenburg

Via Prussia

22 Feast on Flammkuchen

Via Kicking off my self-taught German ...

23 Take a Selfie - Old School Style


24 Buy Gifts at the Christmas Market

Via Berlin, Germany (Gavin Hellier)

25 View Antiquities at the Bode Museum

Via Disability Travel Resources

26 Kick Back in Kreuzberg Neighborhood

Via Germany Tours (the Musical Kind) ...

27 Take a Nighttime Walk Unter Den Linden

Via 10 Most Populous Cities In ...

28 See the Plants at the Berlin Dahlem Botanical Gardens

Via Berlin Dahlem Botanischer Garten Mittelmmeerhaus, ...

29 Take a Trip down the Spree River

Via 10 Most Populous Cities In ...

30 Take a Pew at the Mauerpark

Via Another brick in the Wall

31 Take a Tram Ride

Via A Design Lover's Guide to ...

32 See a Wonderful Sculpture

Via Best Countries for Beer
This is a memorial to the books that were burned by the Nazi regime.

33 Mingle with the Crowd at Alexanderplatz

Via Reisinspiratie

34 Just Enjoy the Artistry

Via Experiencing Cool Berlin

35 Find Peace in the Tiergarten

Via 10 Most Populous Cities In ...

36 Borrow a Book from the Tree Library

Via Book lovers make mini public ...

37 Enjoy the Sights at the Festival of Lights

Via Sterne , Dom + Telespargel

38 Visit Checkpoint Charlie


39 Admire the Design of Neue Synagoge

Via Berlin's Top 10 : Churches ...

40 Take a Dip at Badeschiff

Via Unusual Swimming Pools Around The ...

41 See the Ishtar Gate

Via Mušḫuššu - Wikipedia, the free ...
The reconstruction of the eighth gate of Babylon is in the Pergamon Museum.

42 See Strange Forms at the DZ Bank Building

Via Frank O. Gehry seit 1997

43 Get Some Retail Therapy at KaDeWe Department Store,

Via KaDeWe Berlin
The German Equivalent to Harrod's

44 Crane Your Neck to See the Victory Column

Via Victory Column

45 Sip on Hot Chocolate FASSBENDER & RAUSCH

Via 27 Of The Greatest Places ...

46 Shop for Bargains at Boxhagener Platz Flea Market

Via Berlin's Best Flea Markets

47 Chow down on Currywurst

Via Germany / Deutschland

48 A View to Commit to Memory

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