7 Reasons Why Boutique Hotels Are Awesome ...


7 Reasons Why Boutique Hotels Are Awesome ...
7 Reasons Why Boutique Hotels Are Awesome ...

Boutique hotels aren't everyone's cup of tea, but everybody should stay in one just once, for the experience. These hotels are in a class all their own, and can be idea for romantic weekend getaways or honeymoons, be they of the first or second variety. Boutiques are much different from standard hotels; the quality of care is higher, among many other benefits. These 7 reasons why boutique hotels are awesome may just make you want to visit one!

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Local Feel

Whether you choose to stay in a boutique hotel in the United States, England, Europe, or anywhere else, you'll definitely get a real feel for the location. Typically these hotels are located in rural areas, located close to bigger cities, but in a much more relaxing, soothing, and quiet environment. It's sure to be a concentrated area, if you get what I mean, where you can experience local cuisine, art, theatre, and really get a feel for the people who live there.


Rare Experience

Some people choose to stay exclusively in boutique hotels, but for most people, they've never even considered it. Choosing to stay in one, even just one time, presents a really rare and amazing experience. You may not ever surround yourself with such lavish pampering, and it's nice to treat yourself that one time.


Amazing Accomodations

In general, boutique hotels only have a certain amount of rooms, but you'll find that's definitely a benefit. As a result, your rooms are typically enormous, and the accommodations are really luxurious. There is a cozier feel because the hotels aren't filled with throngs of people, but you don't have to sacrifice the size of your rooms or the quality of the general accommodations.


Newer Hotels

Boutique hotels, in comparison to other types, are newer. They've come up more recently, and while some of them may be 50 years old or more, you'll typically find that the buildings and thus the accommodations are newer. At the same time, however, the atmosphere provides a sort of antique, old world feel.


Upscale Designs

Lots of boutique hotels employ the most talented designers to style their décor. That alone makes for an amazing stay. While you're apt to see a lot of antiques in many boutiques, for the most part you'll see some really amazing designs, making for an even more amazing environment.


Higher Level of Pampering

In spite of their relative newness, boutique hotels take an old school approach to the hotel business. They evoke the days when hotel guests were really pampered. Most boutiques you'll find pride themselves in the fact that their staff does more than fulfill the needs of their guests. They fulfill those needs – so your room service orders aren't going to somehow get lost and if you need extra towels, you're not going to have to rate three hours! But it goes so much further than that; boutique hotels really know how to pamper their guests.


Intimate Atmosphere

Because of their size, boutique hotels provide a really intimate atmosphere. It's not claustrophobic, the way bed and breakfasts and inns can sometimes get, since there are only a few rooms and the hosts are pretty much always there. Rather, you can be intimate with the person with whom you're staying and you can enjoy the amenities, the grounds, and so on, without hundreds and hundreds of other guests crowded around.

A lot of people have never even heard of boutique hotels, but it's definitely worth it to look into them. When you really want to enjoy – and pamper – yourself, they're a great alternative to standard hotels. As anyone ever stayed in one?

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