8 Romantic Cabin Locations ...


8 Romantic Cabin Locations ...
8 Romantic Cabin Locations ...

When I was little, growing up in West Virginia, my parents used to take me on summer vacations all over the state. One of our favorite things to do involved finding campgrounds that offered cabins. I still love staying in cabins – although, of course, not so much with my folks anymore. What once was charming and fun now has the opportunity to be really intimate. Bearing that in mind, see if these 8 romantic cabin locations appeal to you.

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Aspen, Colorado

If you're into winter sports or simply love the snow, Aspen is a great place to look for cabins. There are definitely plenty to choose from, and you can find both modern and rustic models. You can get them all the way up in the mountains or closer to the city. Either way, there is little more romantic than being snowed in with someone you love.


Smokey Mountains (Gatlinburg, TN)

The Smokey Mountains are absolutely gorgeous. Since they are large and sprawling, you can naturally find cabins all along the range. However, narrowing your search down to Gatlinburg is a great option. It's an extremely popular spot, and it extremely well known as a place to get married and as a place to have your honeymoon. The town is charming and the cabins are as well.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is notorious for summer fun, but it's quite romantic in winter as well – and you don't have to deal with quite as many tourists. There is nothing like seeing snow on the water, and a seaside cabin is the height of romanticism. There are so many things to do in the area, but you might just end up staying wrapped up cozily in front of a roaring fire!


Manchester, Vermont

Manchester is another gorgeous location in New England. There are not only cabins here, but also plenty of quaint Bed and Breakfast establishments. This is where you want to go if you want the charm of New England mixed in with all the comforts of home. Seriously, there are so many shops in Manchester now that it's almost like New York City on a small rustic scale.


California Wine Country

There are tons of romantic locations in California, but when it comes to cabins and the like, you can't beat Sonoma County and Napa Valley. You can count on warmer weather as well as charm, and you know you'll be able to pop open a bottle of scrumptious wine. There are also tons of attractions and you're only about an hour away from San Francisco.


Charleston, South Carolina

For some old world Southern charm, you can't beat Charleston. Truthfully, there are tons of places in the southern states where you can find gorgeous cabins, but Charleston is a true jewel. The historic factor alone is worth the trip, and I can tell you from experience that just listening to the locals charm you in their slow, honey dripping drawls is a real experience.


Niagara Falls, New York

Oh, you know this had to be on the list. If you aren't interested in hotels with heart shaped tubs, you should try a cabin in the wildly popular location. Yes, Niagara Falls is a tourist town, but the city does it well. The water is gorgeous all year round, but if you go in winter, there are tons of festivals, things like ice sculptures and festivals of lights. Plus, as long as you have your passport, you can check out what's going on over the border.


The Big Island, Hawaii

You don't have to be snowed in to enjoy the coziness of a romantic getaway in a cabin. Hawaii's big island has plenty of charming accommodations. Better still, you can find them in areas that aren't quite so infested with tourists, so you can really enjoy an intimate getaway – while still being enveloped in the lap of luxury.

To be honest, however, sometimes it pays to go off the beaten path. For instance, you might not think West Virginia an ideal vacation destination, but you can't beat the scenery, the prices, or the cabins you'll find there. This is true in tons of little towns, not just in my home country but all over the world. Where is your favorite place to go for a romantic getaway?

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