15 Fun European Maps All Geography Nerds Will Love ...

By Neecey

15 Fun European Maps All Geography Nerds Will Love ...

Yes! I am a geography nerd.My love of the world at school fueled my passion for travel and decades later, I still love learning about geography in all forms. I can't be the only one who gets really freaking excited by a good map! Maps aren't just about locations and topography - they can impart great info in such a fun way too. As soon as I saw these, I just had to share them with you.

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1 Greetings to All👋

Single Euro Payments Area, map, document, godan, dag,

2 YEs, It's True. We're All Called Smith in the UK😀

Single Euro Payments Area, EUses, patronymic, system, Most,

3 Actually, Smith Refers to an Artisan or Worker, E.g. Goldsmith, Blacksmith Etc

Single Euro Payments Area, atmosphere of earth, document, area, advertising,

4 How Many Ways do You Know How to Say Germany?🇩🇪

Single Euro Payments Area, poster, document, Dyskalan, Germany,

5 SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH?🗣 Puedes Hablar Español?🗣 Parlez-Vous Francais?🗣

Single Euro Payments Area, poster, map, document, stage,

6 The Mother Tongue(s) 👅

Single Euro Payments Area, document, modir, mamma, Mother,

7 Tea for Me, ‌‌Thé Pour Vous, Чай Для Всех☕

Europe, christmas, map, ter, Tea,

8 Let's Not Talk Immigration - That's a Hot Potato♨️

Single Euro Payments Area, area, Poland, MOST, COMMON,

9 Polish up Your Polish 🇵🇱 and Finish off Your Finnish🇫🇮

Single Euro Payments Area, christmas, holiday, elandic, Adjectival,

10 A Map to Die for⚰

Single Euro Payments Area, document, map, world, grafreitur,

11 Norway is Top of the Pops💎🔝

Single Euro Payments Area, cartoon, arctic ocean, world, illustration,

12 Shock!🍷🍇 Portugal Beat France into 2nd Place

Single Euro Payments Area, document, illustration, map, WINE,

13 Quelle Surprise! 🔫 Look at Who Tops the List - Neutral Switzerland. Wow!

Single Euro Payments Area, 30.3, NUMBER, GUNS, PER,

14 Here Comes Santa Claus 🎅... Père Noël🎅... Moș Crăciun 🎅... Babbo Natale 🎅

Single Euro Payments Area, ocean, arctic ocean, map, document,

15 Right up My Street - Fascinating but Ultimately Useless 😁

map, ancient history, world, document, THREE, Thank you to jakubmarian.com for a great collection of maps.

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