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There are so many fabulous towns and cities, amazing countryside and a wealth of historical attractions, that it’s often forgotten that there are some awesome places for an adventure in Europe. Whatever gets your adrenaline rushing and your heart pumping, whatever your sport, or if it’s cultural thrills that float your boat, I’m sure you’ll be impressed by these places for an adventure in Europe.

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Mountain Climbing and Exquisite Dining in Mont Blanc, France

Mountain Climbing and Exquisite Dining in Mont Blanc, France Western Europe’s highest peak serves as one of the most spectacular places for an adventure in Europe and can be reached via three routes, all of which are offered by Jagged Globe, one of Mont Blanc’s premiere expedition companies. The Goûter Route is the most highly trafficked and requires of its climbers a moderately good fitness level. With two huts to stay in along the way, you can kick back and enjoy France’s famed cuisine during your three-day long summit. Altogether, the journey generally takes eight days, and includes training and practice climbs. However, Mont Blanc requires a bit of expertise with ice axe and crampons, so practice up before booking a spot.


Cycling and Culture in the Czech Republic

Cycling and Culture in the Czech Republic Strap on your helmet and sweat-slicking spandex and hop atop your bicycle for a peddle-pumping ride through the Czech Republic. The undeveloped countryside of this post-Soviet country is one of the best unspoiled places for an adventure in Europe. Composed of spectacular sun-spotted valleys dotted with pastel houses and Bohemian architecture, and with few cars traveling along the gently rolling hills, you can cruise your way through Czech, referencing routes via the Czech Greenways, an organization which both preserves the Republic’s cultural heritage and lists hundreds of hiking and cycling routes. Along the way, you can stop off in Prague, still one of Europe’s best kept secrets, boasting a stunning city layout and comprehensive art galleries, while still being a fairly cheap city to kick back and have a beer.


Train Travel and Trekking from Budapest to Istanbul

Train Travel and Trekking from Budapest to Istanbul Hop aboard the luxurious Danube Express and prepare yourself for a scenic trip through the greenery of Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. This private train stops off in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, in the medieval Romanian city of Sighisoara, then travels through the Carpathian Mountains and into the ancient Bulgarian cities of Kazanlak and Veliko Tarnovo. This four-day trip allows you the opportunity to see the astonishing landscape of Eastern Europe while lounging in the lap of luxury, which includes a restaurant carriage, serving specialty wines, and a wood-paneled lounge car with its own pianist.


Bravery and Bird-watching in Sweden

Bravery and Bird-watching in Sweden The wild Swedish wilderness is especially deterrent during winter to those faint of heart and sensitive to the biting cold. But to those hardy enough to brave the weather, a venture into the wilderness three hours outside of Stockholm is worth the nerve. With Siberian jays, woodpeckers, golden eagles and bullfinches floating through the crystal clear winter sky, a snowmobile ride through the forest is a dream for bird-watchers. A remote lodge is nestled near Bollnäs and, though without running water, you can reheat in the sauna after a sleigh ride to the nearby frozen lake of Stora Öjungen.


Canoeing and Canyons in Azores

Canoeing and Canyons in Azores This volcanic archipelago spread across the Atlantic lies 850 miles west of Portugal, and draws thrill-seekers looking to tempt fate by swimming with sharks. But this harrowing activity is not the main draw of the Azores; the canyons and ravines of this archipelago supply enough adrenaline-pumping excitement for a lifetime. With dramatic waterfalls, a volcanic crater and waters streaming with dolphins, you can take to land or to water via any medium you so choose – canoeing, climbing, swimming and cycling are all popular and thrilling adventures in Azores. So get your thrill on, archipelago style.


Long-distance Hikes and Long-distance Swimming in Italy’s via Ferrata, Dolomites, and Aeolian Islands

Long-distance Hikes and Long-distance Swimming in Italy’s via Ferrata, Dolomites, and Aeolian Islands The renowned “iron roads” of Italy were built with the purpose to move troops around the mountains in the First World War. Mountain tunnels, swaying bridges, rusty ladders and rugged trails require steely nerves for those willing to hike the great limestone heights along the Dolomites. There are more than 200 routes, so you can spend a lifetime exploring the vast network. But after a long-distance hike, you’ll likely look forward to an equally exhilarating long-distance swim, which you can find between the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily. Swimming past black-sand beaches and cave-pocked cliffs, you will need to be capable of treading daily distances of 7km in open water.


Island Walking and Island Hopping in the Faroe Islands

Island Walking and Island Hopping in the Faroe Islands Navigating your way across the dazzling Faroe Islands on foot is the only way to really experience the wonder that is the volcanic landscape spotted in the Norwegian Sea between Iceland and Scotland. Take a self-guided tour, and island-hop your way via a prepared route, which includes a boat trip to Fugloy, the easternmost island; a picturesque walk through Saskun village to its tidal lagoon; and a stellar hike through Ambadalur Valley. Inntravel will provide the details, and include five nights in the coastal village of Gjógv, and two nights in Klaksvík, the second-largest town on the islands which is nestled beautifully between fjords and mountains.

The places for an adventure in Europe span the entire continent. Whatever adventure takes your fancy and whichever country piques your interest, it’s all there waiting. What’s on your wish list?

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