World's Most Beautiful Restaurants That Will Make You Forget about Food ...


World's Most Beautiful Restaurants That Will Make You Forget about Food ...
World's Most Beautiful Restaurants That Will Make You Forget about Food ...

You mostly choose a restaurant because of the food. But, what if the restaurant was also in an incredible place with the most amazing view? Not only will you satisfy your hunger but you’ll also feed your wanderlust. In my book that’s a serious win win.

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Grotta Palazzese – Italy

meal, lighting, restaurant, estate, resort, Would you like to enjoy a fine Italian meal in a stunning natural grotto right at the sea’s edge? Look no further! This place used to hold grand balls and receptions but now it’s open to everyone.


Restaurant Le Panoramic in Chamonix – France

Mont Blanc, Chamonix, Chamonix, mountain range, geological phenomenon, This restaurant can be found 3000 meters above sea level on a mountain in the French Alps. In any direction you look, you will be greeted with a stunning panoramic view of mountains.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Maldives

biology, This amazing eating spot is 5 meters under the sea and has room for 14 guests only. You will be enjoying a really intimate dining experience with views only the Little Mermaid could hope for!


Pierchic – Dubai

vehicle, caribbean, marina, resort, sea, Not all the best things in Dubai are sky high. Pierchic delivers oodles of romance, dining over the water from its position on the end of a pier. Enjoy views of the Arabian Gulf, the Dubai coastline, Palm Jumeirah and the iconic Burj Al Arab.


Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant – Kenya

night, evening, formation, If you ever go to Kenya, make sure a visit here is on your list. The restaurant lives in a cave with an open roof, filled with amazing lights and traditional African décor that makes for a perfect date night.


Altitude at Shangri-La – Australia

marina, resort, swimming pool, yacht, estate, Whose appetite wouldn’t be fired up when dining means overlooking stunning Sydney with its iconic bridge and opera house?


The Sierra Mar Restaurant – United States

coast, horizon, morning, evening, sunset, This eatery in California boasts amazing views of the nature reserve nearby in San Francisco, where you can also enjoy stunning sunsets over the ocean that will perfectly complement your dinner!


The River Café – United States

resort, evening, screenshot, vehicle, One of the most popular restaurants in New York Coty, the River Café might be expensive but the views you get while enjoying a meal more than make up for it!


The Samaya Villas Bali – Indonesia

property, estate, home, resort, real estate, Bali is world famous for its sunsets, so why not enjoy one whilst also being treated to a delicious meal with some of the freshest ingredients you will ever taste?


Le Jules Verne – France

meal, restaurant, function hall, wedding reception, Maybe the most famous restaurant in Paris, Le Jules Verne is located inside the Eiffel Tower, so you can only imagine the stunning views of the city that you will be able to enjoy!


Skyline Restaurant – New Zealand

Queenstown, Queenstown, Queenstown, reflection, evening, Located in Queenstown, a place full of extreme sports opportunities, the Skyline Restaurant continues the trend by being so high up that it provides unforgettable views of the local landscape.


Delaire Graff Restaurant – South Africa

property, resort, estate, Diners here will be able to enjoy a gastronomic adventure in the heart of South African wine country, with the stunning Simonsberg Mountain as your backdrop.


Fangweng Restaurant – China

formation, reflection, cave, Surely one of the most amazing destination restaurants on the planet. This eating place literally hangs off a cliff face in The Happy Valley of Xiling Gorge near Yichang.


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge – Tanzania

property, resort, room, estate, restaurant, Both a hotel and a restaurant, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania will give you views of animal reserves and African plains that you have only ever seen on the small screen and in photos.


The Signature Room – United States

John Hancock Center, Chicago, meal, restaurant, evening, Located on the 95th floor of John Hancock Center in Chicago, the Signature Room offers stunning views of Lake Michigan and of the rest of the city that is so iconic in American history.


Ocean Restaurant – Bora Bora

leisure, sea, vacation, beach, vehicle, It doesn’t get more awesome than this restaurant in Bora Bora where the tables and chairs are actually in the crystal clear ocean! Fresh fish anyone!?


Caldera – Greece

boat, passenger ship, vehicle, yacht, luxury yacht, This traditional Greek eatery in Santorini is located right on a cliff edge, giving you stunning views of the sea and of the rest of the rustic town setting.


Dasheene – West Indies

property, restaurant, meal, room, resort, This highly renowned restaurant in St. Lucia provides stunning food and equally stunning views of jungle and mountains that will full you with wonderment.


Elements – United States

restaurant, meal, resort, function hall, estate, This restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona gives diners a meal to remember along with a view to remember that encapsulates all of the iconic beauty of the red desert mountain scape.


360 Restaurant – Canada

meal, restaurant, function hall, This eatery at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto does exactly what it says on the tin; provides a 360-degree view of the amazing city, especially amazing at sunset!


Siroco – Thailand

night, evening, skyline, restaurant, This famous restaurant in Bangkok gives visitors an open-air dining experience thanks to it’s rooftop location, with stunning views of the city available from all angles.


Soho House – United States

room, property, restaurant, dining room, resort, This trendy restaurant in West Hollywood allows you to have something of a mature Rainforest Café experience, with real trees growing inside the building!


Tosca – Hong Kong

meal, restaurant, function hall, brunch, Tosca is located high up above Hong Kong’s ferry port area, and that provides diners with a really interesting experience as they eat their lunch or dinner.


Piz Gloria – Switzerland

Bernese Alps, mountainous landforms, snow, mountain range, winter, Sure, it’s not Austria, but you can live out your Sound of Music dining fantasies perfectly at this Swiss restaurant that is surrounded by stunning snowy peaks and huge mountains!


The Rock – Zanzibar

geographical feature, caribbean, vacation, island, bay, Few dining establishments can compete with the sheer poetry that is The Rock. Begin with a trip out to the rock by boat and then partake of a delicious menu crafted by man, in a location fashioned by Mother Nature.

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