9 Amazing Places to Celebrate Easter This Year ...


9 Amazing Places to Celebrate Easter This Year ...
9 Amazing Places to Celebrate Easter This Year ...

There are some amazing places to celebrate Easter in style. Maybe you’ve been to Israel previously and don’t particularly feel the need to return to either Bethlehem or Jerusalem or maybe you just deserve a nice spring vacation. There are loads of places that celebrate Easter in their own special and unique way, some with customs and traditions that date back centuries. So here are some of my thoughts to get your creative ideas flowing and before long you’ll soon be looking forward to jetting off to celebrate Easter 2018 somewhere special. Take a look at my pick of places to celebrate Easter.

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Rome There aren’t many bigger examples of Easter pageantry than those that are on display in Rome during Holy Week. The Pope gives several masses during the course of the week and thousands upon thousands of pilgrims make the journey to celebrate Easter with him. The Easter Papal Address is broadcast worldwide but it’s quite a different experience being at St. Peter’s in person.

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Jamaica One of the biggest annual events in Jamaica is the Kingston carnival to celebrate Easter which was introduced in 1990 and has been gaining in popularity ever since. The carnival begins at daybreak on Easter Sunday with a fancy dress street parade to the sounds of local calypso. Another Easter tradition in Jamaica is eating raisin and cinnamon buns with cheese!

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Seville The week leading up to Easter sees spectacular and traditional festivities throughout Seville in Spain; it is thought to be one of the world’s oldest Easter celebrations and attracts up to a million visitors every year. The largest parade begins at midnight on Easter Thursday with thousands of monks making their way to the Cathedral by Good Friday morning. The atmosphere is solemn but bars and restaurants will be teeming with families night after night.

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São Bras De Alportel, Portugal

São Bras De Alportel, Portugal The little town of São Bras with its single church plays host to one of the oldest and most traditional Easter ceremony’s in Portugal which draws crowds from all over the country. Men decorated with flowers run through the streets to the church where the flowers are laid out for the priest to walk on. Similar ceremonies were held throughout Algarve in previous centuries but São Bras is the only place to retain the tradition today. Visit to celebrate Easter 2018 in a staunchly Catholic country that knows how to put on a good show.

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New York

New York New York has hosted an Easter Bonnet Parade to celebrate Easter, every year since 1870. The 5th Avenue parade is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and as long as you have got a bonnet on, you can join in. That goes for pets too, and it isn’t unusual to see dogs and cats wearing ornate bonnets and hats that match their owners. After the parade, most people congregate in Central Park to enjoy the extravaganza that is primarily designed for children but enjoyed by everyone.

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Florence The cart explosion is an Easter tradition that dates all the way back to the 11 century and even today on Easter Sunday, a 500-year-old cart, measuring almost 30 feet is dragged through the city street by decorated oxen. When the cart reaches the cathedral, it is packed with fireworks and during the Easter Mass, the cart is lit to create a spectacular display. Local legend has it that if the cart explodes, the people of the city will have a prosperous year.

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San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

San Miguel De Allende, Mexico The Easter celebrations in San Miguel de Allende attract travelers from all round the world, but the traditions are centuries old and not just put on for tourists. 2 weeks before Easter a statue of Jesus is carried from Atotonilco and it then spends the following 2 weeks being moved between the different churches in San Miguel de Allende. There is another procession on Good Friday and the celebrations climax on Sunday when biblical figures including Judas are blown up amidst firecrackers.

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Greece With so many islands and a large land mass too, I could narrow it down to a specific location in Greece as best places to spend Easter but essentially, Easter is so widely celebrated throughout the entire country that anywhere is good, The holiday is revered and is a time of major religious observance of celebration. this already stunning country is at its best in spring when the wild flowers are blooming and the smell of Easter cooking adds to the existing intoxicating aromas. Some locations will have their own unique traditions but wherever you go, it will be an Easter to remember.

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Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala Guatemalans all over the country celebrate Easter, but nowhere quite as whole heartedly as in Antigua where the pavements are decorated with mosaics of flowers for men to carry heavy a statue of Christ, whilst children wave incense. The carpet tradition dates back hundreds of years and is a mix of the Catholic, Spanish and Mayan cultures. It has largely died away elsewhere however, the intricate designs remain as vibrant as the celebrations in Antigua.

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Whether you want to celebrate Easter by embracing other cultures and traditions or by getting involved, there are plenty of places to go. And whether you want to celebrate Easter 2018 on your own, in a group or with your family, there are carnivals and festivals that are sure to suit your needs. Where are you spending Easter this year?

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