7 Intimate Ski Resort Towns in the US ...

If you’re going skiing this year, maybe with your partner, check out these intimate ski resort towns in the US which offer something different to the huge winter sports locations. There’s something special about small resorts. If your prime reason for going is the skiing there’s no reason to assume that the slopes won’t be just as good as if you frequent one of the major resorts. If you want small places to cozy up in and enjoy more of a romantic après-ski than large parties with a rowdy atmosphere, the intimate ski resort towns in the US will deliver.

1. Crested Butte, Colorado

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Most oft called just “The Butte”, Crested Butte has changed from a coal mining town to one of the prominent intimate ski resort towns in the US. It hasn’t left its heritage buried under fields of driven snow though as the antique saloons, stores and Victorian houses are still here and there is a ban on chain restaurants in favor of local family run businesses. There are plenty of places to eat after a day's skiing and you can really feel you have gone back in time when eating in a miners’ cabin dating back to 1891. When not on the slopes, there are charming boutique shops to browse and independent coffee and bake shops for refreshment.

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