8 Travels for Foodies ...

With cuisine being a major feature of most cultures, it’s really no surprise that in our thirst for travel to expand our minds, tours for foodies are gaining in popularity. Food might simply be the reason for choosing a destination in the first place or the chance to experience some top food tours is just a perk of being there. Tours for foodies are a great way of really getting to know a city. You’ll discover markets, little cafes, and fabulous restaurants with local guides who can get you salivating in anticipation of what you’ll be tasting. Pick up your knife and fork and join me in looking at some great destinations for food lovers.

1. Barcelona, Spain

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Ever since El Bulli hit the headlines as the best restaurant in the world (no longer), Barcelona has been high on the list for tours for foodies. Tours must include a visit to the famous Boqueria market found about two thirds of the way up the Ramblas. Inside the grand entrance is a noisy world of food, glorious food from the world over. A multitude of tourists and locals clamour around the heavily laden stalls, with floors slippery with fruit skins and melted ice all adding to this unique experience. Foodie tours in Barcelona offer a menu of visits to haute cuisine establishments, a tour of best tapas bars, or best places to eat off the beaten track.

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