7 Awesomely Great Places in the Adirondacks ...

I’ve often dreamt of places in the Adirondacks; simply because the name has always called to me. I’ve no idea why. I live in the UK but I have always been attracted to the name. It led me to researching places in the Adirondacks I might want to visit one day and they didn’t disappoint.

1. Saranac Lake

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Most of the places in the Adirondacks are just perfect for outdoorsy vacationers, and Saranac Lake is just one of those great options. A 15-minute drive from the lively town of Lake Placid will take you to this lake, which serves as the perfect escape for activities like biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and more. The combination of unique shops with a laid-back attitude of the mountains, local diners, and awesome scenery makes Saranac Lake one of the most idyllic tourist destinations in upstate New York.

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