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It's time for another postcard album and this time we're going to tour some of the stunning sights of Alaska. The USA's most northerly state is a feast for the eyes and medicine for the soul. The scenery is jaw dropping and the history fascinating and the people are welcoming. Let’s enjoy some of the amazing sights of Alaska.

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Denali National Park

Denali National Park We mostly associate the sights of Alaska with snowy scenes of winter, but it is just as gorgeous at other times of the year.


Bull Moose at Wonder Lake

Bull Moose at Wonder Lake Via Bull moose, Wonder lake | ...
The wildlife is one of the most wonderful attractions of Alaska.


The White Pass and Yukon Route

The White Pass and Yukon Route Via Skagway, Alaska: - holidayspots4u
Riding the narrow gauge rails is a wonderful way to the take in the awesome scenery.


Tracy Arm Fjord Waterfall

Tracy Arm Fjord Waterfall Via Tacy Arm Fjord Waterfall
In a land of snow and ice and glaciers, waterfalls are numerous.


Whale Watching

Whale Watching Via 55 Years Ago, Alaska Became ...
Whale viewing is one of the most popular tourist excursions in Alaska.


A Cabin in the Woods

A Cabin in the Woods Via Untitled
This is a get away from the rat race kind of place.


The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights Via 30 Brilliant Aurora Photography For ...
One of the most glorious sights of Alaska, or anywhere.


Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding Via obscvred.tumblr.com
Is this on your bucket list?


Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park Via Glacier bay
One of Alaska's UNESCO's World Heritage Sites


Mendenhall Ice Caves

Mendenhall Ice Caves Via The 9 Most Stunning Cave ...
Want to get up close and personal with the interior of a glacier?


Matanuska River

Matanuska River Via King Mountain and the Matanuska ...
Alaska is such a marvelous outdoor playground.


Alaska Range

Via Fall Colours And Alaska Range, ...
Did you know the Alaska Range is the highest mountain range outside of Asia and the Andes?


Creek Street, Ketchikan

Creek Street, Ketchikan Ketchikan is the Salmon Capital of the World.



Via Seward's small boat harbor
The cities on the coast are regular stops for the many cruise liners that visit the Alaskan waters.


Eagles in Homer

Via Bird story - Mobile Uploads ...
Who would pass up the chance to take a shot like this?


Alaska Sunrise

Alaska Sunrise Via Mount Rainier National Park
Worth waking up to.



Sitka Via Cresent Harbor
According to the United States Census Bureau, the borough is the largest incorporated city by area in the U.S., with a total area of 4,811 square miles.


Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls Via Top 10 Beautiful Sceneries | ...
At 610 meters, Thunder Falls is the tallest waterfall in Alaska.


Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier Via Alaska Cruises, Tours, & Vacations ...
It's an amazing experience to walk on a glacier (I did in Austria.)


"the “Dr. Seuss” House

"the “Dr. Seuss” House Via Dr. Seuss House
Unfortunately you can only view this eccentric house from the road as it is a private residence.


Skiing in Cordova

Via '. . . Like There's ...
The Chugach Mountains have mad Cordova a popular winter sports destination.


Seward Highway

Seward Highway Via Seward Highway
Ready to take a road trip between Seward and Anchorage?


Alaska Sea Life Center

Alaska Sea Life Center Via 3 Family-Friendly Wildlife Sanctuaries to ...
Plenty of fun for the whole family at the Sea Life Center in Seward.


Zip Lining in Ketchikan

Zip Lining in Ketchikan Via Alaska Zipline Adventures - Juneau ...
A great way to see the scenery if you've a thirst for adventure.


The inside Passage

The inside Passage Via Sawyer Glacier reflecting in the ...
Such tranquil beauty.


A Totem Pole in Ketchikan

A Totem Pole in Ketchikan Via Photo tour: Alaska | Cheapflights
Remember to appreciate the First Nation culture while you're in Alaska.


Alatna River Valley, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

Alatna River Valley, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve Via Aerial view of a river ...
You can breathe again now! This view sure took my breath away.


Brown Bear

Brown Bear Via Photo Blog – Niebrugge Images ...
When the salmon aren't jumping the brown bars go fishing for clams.



IceAlaska Via Ice Alaska - Fairbanks, AK ...
Every year Fairbanks hosts the World Ice Art Championships. The 2015 event will be held February 23 to March 29.


World's Largest Chocolate Waterfall, Anchorage

World's Largest Chocolate Waterfall, Anchorage Via Worlds Largest Chocolate Waterfall
The falls pump over 3000 pounds of molten chocolate down the 20-foot installation at any given time. No swimming allowed. Address 5225 Juneau Street, Anchorage,


Eldred Rock Lighthouse

Eldred Rock Lighthouse Via The Chilkat Range Looms by ...
A perfect perspective of just how high the mountains are in Alaska. These mountains are the Chilkat Range.


Kennecott Mine

Kennecott Mine Via photos.alaska.org
The abandoned copper mine is now a tourist attraction.


The Hammer Museum, Haines

The Hammer Museum, Haines Via Hammer Museum
Well ... if you happen to love hammers, or just unusual museums.


Reindeer Hot Dogs

Reindeer Hot Dogs Via The World's Strangest Street Food ...
Meat eaters can try a whole range of reindeer products.


Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island Via Cruise excursion on Kodiak Island, ...
A brilliant place for hiking - watch out for the bears. Did you know Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the US?


Mount McKinley/Mount Denali

Mount McKinley/Mount Denali Via Bull Moose
North America's highest mountain at 20,237 feet.


Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing Via Alaska Glacier Tours and ice ...
A real adrenalin junkie's sport.


Wall of Ice

Wall of Ice Via DSC_0841.jpg
Such incredible beauty yet also a force of nature.


Gulf of Alaska

Via Gulf of Alaska has two ...
The amazing sight of where the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Alaska meet.


Alaska Native Heritage Center, Anchorage

Alaska Native Heritage Center, Anchorage Via alaskabride.com
Learn all about Alaska's indigenous people and culture.


Alaska Botanical Garden, Anchorage

Alaska Botanical Garden, Anchorage Via Alaska Botanical Garden
The range of plant life in the garden is surprisingly wide given the climate and your path might be crossed by a moose or a bear.


Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary, Herring Cove

Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary, Herring Cove Via tulsaworld.com
The rainforest in Alaska is temperate, not tropical.

Well, we've come to the end of our virtual tour of the attractions of Alaska. Was it as beautiful as you imagined it to be?

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It's thunder bird falls not just thunder falls

I love my home state. Thanks for the pics!

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