7 US Beaches to Hit before the Summer Ends ...

Summer is almost over (Why God why?) and if you want to enjoy these last remaining days on the beach, check out guest contributor Sara Wells' amazing suggestions.

Summer is on its way out and it's time to hit the beach as many times as you can while the weather still allows it. Soak up some much needed Vitamin D and bid adieu to summer. Here’s a list of 7 must-visit beaches in the United States (in no particular order) that you must go to before the fall is upon us in full swing.

1. Clearwater, Florida

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Clearwater is one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever visit. No wonder vacationers love coming here! The beach is calm and serene, unlike its neighbor, St. Pete’s. You can get there by crossing the elevated bridge at St. Pete’s. It's a perfect getaway place for honeymooners as well as families. You can expect soft white sand beneath your feet, and feast your eyes on the sparkling water. So pack your bathing suits and bikinis and head here for the weekend!

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