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I don't think lake views get enough attention. Everyone talks about how wonderful the view at the ocean is and how nothing can beat it. I agree that a great ocean view is nothing to shake a stick at, but once you get a load of these jaw dropping lake views, you might just decide that the lake is your next destination.

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Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria Via Zell am See-Kaprun
I would say that this has to be one of the most beautiful lake views in the entire world. I love the mountain backdrop.



Dock Via fineartamerica.com
You're sure to find this view on lakes across the globe. Look how the sunset reflects on the water.


Mountain Retreat

Mountain Retreat Via First Day of Fall (!!!) ...
Booking a lakeside cabin in the fall in the mountains is a great way to find yourself in that chair looking at it for real.


Lake House Cottage

Lake House Cottage Via Deck with a View
Lakes all over the world rent out cottages and cabins so you could lounge with this view when you wake up in the morning.


Hallstatt Morning

Hallstatt Morning Via Hallstatt Morning
Here is another stunning view from Austria. This place now tops my list of places to travel.


Right on the Water

Right on the Water Via Tales From Another City
I would love to plant myself in one of those chairs and never leave.


Out the Window

Out the Window Via Bathwater
While you're booking your lakeside retreat, try to get one that has a view of the lake right from your window. Can you imagine opening your eyes to this?



Cabin Via First Light (F1 Online) - ...
Next time you plan a mountain getaway, I highly recommend choosing a place just like this one.


The Blackmoss Pot

The Blackmoss Pot Via Open Savers - Free Screensaver, ...
Located in England, this lake view is beautiful and so reminiscent of the English countryside.


Grab a Book

Grab a Book Via Book cafe window (04)
Reading a great book by the lake would be an absolute dream come true.


Outdoor Space

Outdoor Space Via Create an Outdoor Porch Retreat
If I ever buy a house on a lake, it will definitely have an outdoor room like this one.


Balcony View

Balcony View Via A Charming Mix of Things ...
This has got to be one of the most stunning lake views I've ever seen.


Lake Louise

Lake Louise Via Lonely Planet blog
If you're lucky enough to take a trip here, book a meal overlooking the lake. You'll never regret it!



NORTH CASCADES NATIONAL PARK Via National Park Views Not to ...
I can feel myself getting relaxed just looking at this photo. What about you?


Covered Patio

Covered Patio Via Summer Screened Porch Roundup: Gardenista
You could hang out here and watch the lake during a storm. Talk about some great photo ops.


Watch the Lake

Watch the Lake Via IMG_2237
With a view like this, you could watch what's going on down on the lake anytime you want to.



Slovenia Via Blue Pueblo
Slovenia might not top your list of vacation destinations, but after seeing this I bet you're rethinking that, aren't you?


Moraine Lake

Via Top 10 Scenic Views of ...
This is Canada so it might be a bit chilly here, but I think the view more than makes up for it.


Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Via Experiencing the Beauty and Excitement ...
Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular lake destinations in the United States. Can you see why?


Seaside Village

Seaside Village Via Sweet Southern Charm
I wouldn't mind living in this picturesque little town.


Tower on Lake Vyrnwy

Tower on Lake Vyrnwy Via Lake efrnwy reflection
There is nothing about this view that I don't like. Imagine how it looks when you're standing in the tower.


Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park Via Beautiful View of Plitvice Lakes ...
If you're ever in Croatia, don't leave without spending some time here.


Lake Braies, Italy

Lake Braies, Italy Via Cool Pictures
Look how crystal clear the water is. You can see right to the bottom!


Winter View

Winter View Via Beautiful Nature (sublim-ature: A winter ...
Here's a view of the Croatian location above, but in the wintertime. Just as stunning if you ask me.


Cabin by the Water

Cabin by the Water Via gramspiration.tumblr.com
You could totally fish right from your front porch!


Catch Something

Catch Something Via Everything Coastal....: Vicki's Lake House ...
Speaking of fishing, you could relax and catch your dinner if you sat here.


Just Relax

Just Relax Via Emerald Lake dock
There's nothing to distract you from the view on this dock.


Stanley Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Stanley Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area Via Stanley Lake View by Robert ...
I love how the mountains are reflected in the water.


Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy Via Italy - Lake Como: Roman ...
This is a dream location for me. Have you ever been there?


Private Retreat

Private Retreat Via Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography ...
It looks so peaceful and quiet here. I might never leave.



Foggy Via don't call me betty | ...
The fog rolling off the water is definitely a sight to behold.


Quaint Town

Quaint Town Via Oliveaux: September 2008
I would love to spend some time here. It looks so calm and relaxing.


On the Water

On the Water Via Dream Travel Spots : Photo
When you sit on this balcony, you'll feel like you're floating on the water instead of sitting above it.


Weathered Chairs

Weathered Chairs Via patient, fine, balanced, kind
These chairs look right at home here on this deck.


Meal on the Lake

Meal on the Lake Via Happy Sunday with the Latest ...
Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy a meal out here on the lake?


Morning Reading

Morning Reading Via tinywhitedaisies
Speaking of a meal by the lake, enjoy your breakfast and morning paper here.


Lovely Fall Afternoon

Lovely Fall Afternoon Via harmony-n-nature.tumblr.com
Fall is the perfect time to spend a few hours on the lake.


Relax Together

Relax Together Via Adirondack bliss
Take your best friend or significant other and relax together while you watch the lake.


Go for a Swim

Go for a Swim Via Marie's Tumblr - Daily Notes ...
I bet it's cold, but these dock stairs are just inviting you right into the water.


Snow Covered

Snow Covered Via My Pretty Universe
You'll probably need a coat, but a mountain lake view is just as beautiful as a summer view.


Come on in

Come on in Via shopmodmint.com
Take a plunge right in.


Colorful Rocks

Colorful Rocks Via Nature
If you're bringing the kids to the lake, be sure to carry a bucket so you can take some lovely rocks home with you.


Lake View, Menaggio, Italy

Lake View, Menaggio, Italy Via Menaggio
This looks like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

What's your favorite lake destination? I'm partial to Bull Shoals Lake in the Ozarks, but any lake will do just fine. Will you ever take a lake vacation?

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Those were beautiful places!!! Totally going for a vacation like that!


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