9 Secret πŸ”’ Islands 🌴 to Escape to if You Want an Exotic Destination πŸ– ...


Are you bored of seeing the same old tropical islands as exotic destination recommendations time and time again?

There are thousands of islands around the world so there are so many never get mentioned in travel articles.

Let's rectify that and take a look at some of the best and accessible secret island destinations.

1. San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas Islands, Panama

Close your eyes and picture your perfect desert island.

Well, the San Blas Islands in Panama are pretty much the real life version of that!

Floating off the northwest Caribbean coast of Panama, the San Blas are a collection of 365 stunning white sand breach islands, most of which are inhabited by native Kuna Indians.

These islands might feel remote, but they are actually within easy travel distance of Panama City and locals are extremely friendly to travelers who want to experience some of the island culture.2

2. Westman Islands, Iceland

Westman Islands, Iceland

The Westman Islands are a cluster of 14 landmasses off the southern coast of Iceland, and they boast more puffins than humans!

There are only about 4000 permanent inhabitants of these islands, but travelers can stay in small cabins and local lodgings to experience some of the magical night-time atmosphere of the near deserted islands.

They feel incredibly remote but can be reached via a simple 40 minute ferry ride from the mainland.2

3. Isle Au Haut, Maine, USA

Isle Au Haut, Maine, USA

Located 17 miles off Maine's rocky coast in Penobscot Bay, half the island is protected as part of Acadia National Park.

Thanks to its remote location, Isle au Haut is the perfect place to soak in the slow pace of Maine island life.

Even in high season when much of the Maine seaboard is awash with tourists, Isle au Haut feels delightfully untouched.2

The small number of visitors (only about 7,000 annually) can camp overnight at Duck Harbor or come on a day trip on a scenic lighthouse cruise around the bay.

Here you can catch lobster with local fishermen, sea kayak, and walk on 18 miles of hiking trails.

Togean Islands, Indonesia
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