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The Best Travel Sites for Millenials Who Want to save on Trips ...

By Neecey

Millennials are frugal and concerned about their futures but also value seeing the world up close and personal. Experiences should not come at the cost of a growing bank account so it’s awesome that there are great resources for saving money on travel and making going on a trip or vacation more affordable. Of course, you don’t have to be a Millennial to take advantage ^_^


Probably the most popular room booking site right now, an easy way to find rooms and apartments to rent for short stays.


A really handy site that lets you enter your dates and destination and gives you great comparisons for different options in your price range.


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The go-to site for people looking to browse different hostels, and the site always highlights deals and discounts that would be best for your stay.


A great website where you can book a spot to camp out on the private garden space of a homeowner. Gives you more security.


This is a site where travelers can connect with homeowners who are looking for house sitters in exchange for only a $20 fee. Super cheap accommodation!


A similar site that caters to slightly more high end properties, with a slightly higher registration fee but still a lot cheaper than a hotel!


Travel the world and make some great friends at the same time by literally couch surfing your way through your travels!


Take all the hassle of staying at a hotel away by taking part in a holiday home exchange with people from other countries.


A site where you can find home exchanges and kind people who are willing to let your stay in their homes for free!


A huge site that will compile and aggregate all the accommodation options for your chosen destination on your chosen dates.


A wonderful site for the frequent flyers among us who want to grab the cheapest flying options possible.


A website that helps you to get in touch with people who are traveling in your desired direction and happen to have spare seats in their cars.


This site is like the holy grail of flights, giving you real time prices in order of cheapest to most expensive, all over the world.


A helpful website that helps you to plan the easiest, most convenient bus and train connecting routes across the country.


A site that is perfect for somebody with flexible travel dates, helping to find you the cheapest travel options for a spread of days.


This site helps you to work out what your cheapest transport options are, comparing things like planes, trains, buses, ferries etc.


For a fee, this site gives you the benefit of a professional travel agent to help you book from the comfort of your own home.


This site helps you stay super-organized on your holiday by enabling you to book short day trips and activities in your city.


A site where you can book lots of exciting excursions in locations both domestic and abroad.


A great website where you can input your travel style (hiking, road tripping etc.) and get a ton of recommendations for suitable activities during your stay.


Visitors to this website can input the sort of things that they like to do when on vacation, and the search engine will come up with lots of fun and unusual holiday ideas that you might not have necessarily considered before.

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