New Travel Places That Are Trending Right Now ...


Are you bored of seeing all the same old places appearing in lists of hot destinations?

Do you want something different for your next travel experience?

There are so many places in this world to discover so you need not feel bound by the norm.

Here are some of the up and coming destinations tipped for attention over the next few years:

1. Albania


Albania's tourism sector, which was non-existent in 1992 when the country crawled out from under the millstone that had been Communist rule, is scheduled to grow by 5.6% in the next 10 years.

Regarded as one of the most unlikely places that are tipped to become travel hotspots for the past two decades, it is now the rugged Alpine traveler’s favorite hangout in Europe and it attracts many who spurn the French Riviera in favor of Albania's unspoilt coastline.

2. Angola


More than ten years after the Angolan civil war came to an end, the country is still in tatters in many parts, yet there are signs it is gradually recovering.

National parks are slowly receiving new wildlife residents from Angola's neighboring countries.2

It is predicted the country's tourism sector will grow by 7.3%.

3. Bangladesh


Despite horror stories of annual floods that devastate vast areas of the country, visitor numbers are rising every year.

Wildlife tourism to the Sundarbans, the planet's largest mangrove forest, is particularly contributing to this trend.

The country's tourism industry is expected to grow by 6.1%.

4. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Although the country has seen little recovery so far from the devastation caused by the 2nd Congo War, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is expected to grow its tourism sector by 6.1% due to the country’s enormous untapped potential.2

The safari industry, in particular travel to Virunga National Park, which boasts gorillas, bonobos and okapi, could really put the country on international travelers’ bucket lists.

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