Money Savvy Girls Will Love These Cheapest Countries to Vacay to ...


Money Savvy Girls Will Love These Cheapest Countries to Vacay to ...
Money Savvy Girls Will Love These Cheapest Countries to Vacay to ...

It’s not everyone that can afford big, fancy vacations whenever the mood strikes. Nope. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you have to scrimp and save to get away on a break. If you’re at the point where a vacay is going to be your saving grace, you can totally take an epic holiday without having to get another job. These countries are pretty cheap to travel in because food, lodging and souvenirs are much lower in cost that more traditional vacation spots.

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Mazatlan – Mexico

Mazatlán, coast, town, landform, geographical feature, The exchange between the American and Mexican dollar is great for us at the moment, making Mexico one of the more popular vacations destinations. Mazatlan is the perfect place to visit if you are a foodie, as it is known as the shrimp capital of Mexico! Sun, sea, sand and sensational cuisine, what more could you possibly want!?


South Africa

aerial photography, geographical feature, coast, photography, bird's eye view, Once again, the exchange rate deal here is very favourable, which means that you can pretty much take your pick when it comes to South Africa. A safe bet for vacation satisfaction is always Cape Town, where you can find cheap luxury accommodation and immerse yourself in the local culture.


San Juan – Puerto Rico

town, tourism, vacation, village, waterway, One of the best things about vacationing in San Juan is that if you stay around the popular two square mile radius of the old city, you won’t need to hire a car to do any of your sightseeing as everything you could possibly want to see is right there on your door step. Not to mention it’s also beautiful!



Moai, rock, ecosystem, megalith, monument, Chile has shot up the list of cheap places that are amazing to visit in the last few years. For next to nothing, you can experience a wonderful, rich, cultured Hispanic holiday filled with sun and all the South American food that you could ever wish to try!



Lake Voulismeni, town, coast, marina, bay, With Greece’s economy the way that it is, American dollars go a long, long way on the island of Crete. With crystal blue waters and quaint, classical island architecture, you can relive your very own version of Mamma Mia for a low price!



Fes Tanneries, town, city, market, public space, Morocco is another cheap country to visit where you can live out your foreign culture fantasies. Your dollars will stretch a long way for accommodation, and you’ll have plenty left over to haggle in the famous market squares!



Halong Bay, landform, geographical feature, bay, vacation, Once a place no American would wilfully want to visit, Vietnam is now a haven for vacation tourism, filled with cheap but luxurious hotels that will provide the base for a holiday rich in foreign culture and history.


Costa Rica

geographical feature, landform, caribbean, beach, body of water, Take a trip over to Costa Rica if you want to experience the beauty of wildlife at the cheapest price possible. With millions of acres of national parks to explore, it is impossible for you to run out of ground to cover!



Azenhas do Mar, coast, geographical feature, landmark, shore, Portugal is often overlooked in favour of Spain, but this beautiful country can certainly hold its own in the vacation competition stakes. Imagine a sort of California Highway meets Tuscany vibe, with the best being that you can do it on a shoestring budget!


Barcelona – Spain

Casa Batlló, Park Güell, Morella Castle, Barcelona, Park Güell, Not only is Barcelona one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe, it is also one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the world, period! The iconic Las Ramblas party district in the centre of the city will welcome you with all of the music, dancing and tapas that you could ever want!



Santa Catalina Arch, image, town, tourism, season, Guatemala is so often overlooked but the country is something of a hidden gem when it comes to cheap vacationing. Accommodations around Lake Atitlan offer great value for money and stunning scenery!


Las Vegas

metropolitan area, metropolis, cityscape, skyline, landmark, Hey, I can’t attest to how much money you will blow (or win!) when you are actually there, but the truth is that there are plenty of places to stay in Las Vegas that won’t break the bank. There’s no better place in the country for 24/7 partying!



Angkor Wat, historic site, temple, building, place of worship, Flights to Cambodia aren’t necessarily cheap, but once you get there, you can live in the beautiful country for literally pennies every day. Their average yearly wage equates to about $950, so you can only imagine the kind of exchange rate you’ll be getting!



Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, chinese architecture, pagoda, historic site, temple, Bali has long been the destination of choice for hipsters and hippies all over the world. The pull of the exotic country still remains the same today, and lucky for us, it also remains incredibly inexpensive to have a luxury holiday there.



Lake Voulismeni, town, cityscape, marina, human settlement, We’ve already mentioned Crete, but mainland Greece is also absolutely worth having a cheap vacation in. Right now there is probably nowhere else in the world where you will be able to experience such deep history and ancient culture for so little.



Lëkursi, town, property, coast, photography, Perhaps not the country that comes to mind when thinking about cheap vacation spots, Albania has a wonderful ‘off the beaten track’ feel to it that makes your money feel like it’s even more valuable. Hotels start from as little as $5 per person!


Quebec City – Canada

Quebec City, landmark, historic site, building, night, Take advantage of the strong US dollar over the weaker Canadian currency and head up north over the border to experience an amazing mixture of cultures that feels completely unique. Not to mention the amazing food that you will get to eat!

Which of these places have you visited? Which one is on your bucket list?

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Written by someone who either hasn't actually visited these places or doesn't know the average definition of cheap

India is definitely only cheap if you know a local to stay with or you stay in a shady area. I've been 4 times and it is always my most expensive vacation, and I don't do tourist attractions. A cheaper place is Cuba if you are not American (although I know they were working on that), I go every second year and pay about 1500$ Canadian for 2 1/2 weeks. If you go all inclusive resort it really makes itself worth it with the paid for excursions and free meals/drinks. The most expensive part is leaving the resort to shop or go to clubs lol. Always end up buying tons of stuff

Thanks for information. :)) but I don't think that China is cheap place, when I was in China I used to spend 100$ per day, and it depends which part of China you replanting to visit. Meal and hotels not not cheap in Beijing and Shanghai

I love Perú!!!🇵🇪🇵🇪

Thanks that was insightful. Looking forward ti visiting cambodia and peru one day!

I'm Peruvain. Visit Peru. You will love this beautiful country!

Guatemala is amazing! ..beautiful!

Visit Philippines😊

India n China are not cheap places Vietnam Cambodia Indonesia yes

Love the post thanks for the great info!

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